My Hair Loss is Affecting My Confidence

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Thinning Crown and Premature Hair LossName: Akash

Question: i am having severe crowning and baldness at this tender age and this is affecting my confidence. Please suggest better result so that I can regain my original healthy hair look.

Answer: Hi, Akash. Many men experience issues regarding their self-confidence when they start losing their hair, especially if their hair loss comes earlier on in life than usual.

The cause of your thinning crown is almost certainly the genetic condition Male Pattern Baldness which can be treated effectively using clinically-proven products.

You don't mention what age you are but we would advise having a consultation with a hair specialist, that way the cause of your balding can be professionally diagnosed. From there, they can also recommend appopriate treatments based on this diagnosis, your medical suitability and your age.

There are two established male hair loss treatments which are both MHRA licensed and FDA approved for this purpose. However, for example, finasteride 1mg tablets - the clinically-proven DHT-blocking tablet used by many men to treat male pattern baldness - has a lower age limit of 18 years of age.

A hair loss specialist will be able to discuss all this with you, as well as the potential addition of supplementary hair growth supporting produts.
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