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“My Family Has No Signs of Hair Loss But I’m Thinning on Top”


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Name: Luke

Question: I am a 24 year old male who has noticed that my hair has started to of gotten thinner over the past months on the top of my head i still have plenty of hair at the back and on the sides but am really starting to worry regarding the hair on the top of my head. Other family members like my dad and uncles all still have their hair as did my mother’s father so I can’t think it is genetic. Is there any way to prevent this thinning of the hair? should i consult my gp? Also could this recent thinning of my hair be the result of a particular shampoo i’m using for example?

Answer: Hi, Luke. Whilst we would need to examine you to give you a truly accurate response, we can tell you that thinning hair on top is a classic sign of male hair loss which is the only condition to cause thinning solely on the top of the head; it is also common in men of your age. This thinning is highly unlikely to be related to your shampoo use due to the location of the shedding.

Although Male Pattern Baldness is caused by genetics it is entirely possible for people to carry the genes without them being active. In cases where the genes are present but inactive there will be no signs of hair loss, these will only be visible if the genes are active. This is why you may have hair loss whilst other members of your family do not.

Whether these genes are active or inactive is basically a question of chance and is something of a genetic lottery, although if you look further down your family tree – at both your male and female relatives – it is highly likely you will find instances of hereditary hair loss. Although this is thought to be more likely to be passed on by fathers, there is only one study that has confirmed this and so it is still widely believed that the relevant hair loss genes can come from either your father or your mother – or both.

It sounds like you have spotted this thinning early on which is great news if you are planning on seeking hair loss treatment as the earlier you start, the better the results tend to be.

You can absolutely speak to your GP for advice although many Belgravia clients who have done so tell us they found their doctors were not particularly understanding of their condition. Alternatively you are welcome to have a free tricho-check at one of Belgravia’s Central London hair loss clinics where one of our specialists can assess you in person. You do not need a GP’s referral for this.

They will discuss your diagnosis, level and pattern of shedding along with their recommendations for a personalised treatment plan to help prevent further shedding and encourage regrowth. If you are unable to attend either of our centres in person but would still like to receive a diagnosis and personalised treatment information you can do so via the Online Consultation form.

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