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My 14 year old son is starting to lose hair…prevention now rather than restoration later?

teenage boyName: Lisa

Question: My 14 year old son is starting to lose hair and there are visible signs of a widow’s peak. Dad and Grandpa lost their hair at a young age too. Are there any benefits in seeing a hair loss specialist now while he still has a full crop i.e. for prevention now rather than restoration later?

Answer: We always recommend early intervention when it comes to hair loss, as the earlier treatment is begun, the better chance there is of treating the condition. Restoration is possible though, providing the area you wish to treat has not become completely shiny and bald, as the hair can no longer grow back once it has reached this stage. It is unfortunate that your son is only 14 years old, as we can only treat patients when they turn 16. At this point, providing that a hair loss specialist deems him a suitable candidate for treatment, your son would be able to begin using the proven hair loss medication minoxidil, with the option to add Propecia, the second and only other proven hair loss medication available into his treatment plan when he turns 18. You can visit a dermatologist in the meantime, or you can wait until he turns sixteen then bring him to the centre for a free consultation.

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11th October, 2017 at 5:33 pm


I would think twice about prescribing a 14 year old boy a medication that can interfere with pubertal development.

12th October, 2017 at 10:13 am

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Ken, 14 year olds cannot be prescribed any hair loss treatments. As per the information above, the topical use of minoxidil can commence in medically-suitable individuals who are at least 16 years of age, whilst men aged 18 and over who are deemed medically-suitable can also use finasteride 1mg as a treatment for male pattern hair loss. Belgravia does not treat anyone under the age of 16 years.

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