Music to Prevent Hair Loss

There are many well-known ways of tackling hair loss and thinning, such as hair loss treatments and products, hair pieces and hair transplants, however did you know that apparently music is now being added to the list?

Natiral Audio Sounds to Help Prevent Hair Loss‘Natural Audio Sounds to Help Prevent Hair Loss’ is a collection of music that would appear to be designed to do exactly what it says on the cover, promote hair growth. As well as generic ambient music with titles such as, ‘Re-growth With Healing Sounds of the Ocean’ and ‘Waterfalls of Hair Re-growth’, there are also classical tunes played by The London Philharmonia Orchestra including Mozart’s Overture ‘The Magic Flute’, Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite No. 7 ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’, Schumann’s Symphony No 1 in B Flat, Op. 38 ‘Spring’ and Beethoven’s Bagatelles Op. 126, No 25 in A minor ‘Fur Elise’.

It's been out since July 2008 but as there is not usually a ‘hair loss’ section in HMV, the album is classified as ‘New Age/General’ and is something that you will be more likely to find online than in the high-street.

While the music is very soothing and calming, hair loss can affect men, women and children at different ages and if you are suffering from hair loss, listening to Beethoven or the sound of waves lapping gently against the shore may not be your thing. A third of all 30 year-old men, for instance, will have  male pattern baldness, women could see the beginnings of female pattern hair loss in their early twenties (although it’s usually more noticeable after the menopause), and alopecia areata affects mostly teenagers and young adults (but it can happen at any age).

Even if this chill-out classic mix is for you, don’t be fooled by the title into thinking that it’s going to stop hair loss. There’s no evidence to suggest that music can help retain one’s hairline just take a look at Will Young. Some people thought he’d had a transplant after his previously receding hairline appeared restored, but it wasn’t surgery and it certainly wasn’t music that played a part. Will uses a clinically proven hair loss treatments to prevent hair loss.

Just take a look at the hundreds of before and during treatment photos and hair loss success stories of men and women who have tackled hair loss from every angle with Belgravia’s combination treatment courses.

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