MTV Presenter Diem Brown In Glamorous Hair Loss Photo Shoot

diem-brown hair loss photo shoot

In November last year, The Belgravia Centre blog featured an article about popular MTV presenter Diem Brown and her courageous decision to record her experience of hair loss in an online video. Now, the entertainment star has taken another bold and brave step in sharing her experiences with a glamorous bald photo shoot for her blog.

Coping With Chemo

Aged just 28 years old and having beaten ovarian cancer once already, the noted entertainment reporter is battling through her second cancer diagnosis, which has caused her to lose her hair as a result of chemotherapy treatment. However, rather than trying to hide her hair loss under a wig or a hat, Diem has put the glamour back into baldness and unveiled images from a photo shoot that show immense pride in her new look.

On her blog, Diem wrote, “I realized I wanted to do a photo shoot that didn't scream "cancer" but instead screamed that being bald from chemo can be just as cool, artistic and beautiful as G.I. Jane!” The resulting photos are certainly striking, ranging from a stunning portrait shot in just a simple black vest to highlight her vulnerability and strength, to shots which show her laughing and shining with natural beauty, capturing the bold edge and complete confidence that Diem wanted to portray.

Beauty In Baldness

“I have been much better this time around with losing hair from chemo,” she declared. “This time, I’ve been able to look at myself in the mirror and even document and share the hair loss on camera. However, where I fall very short is in person. I have not let anyone see me bald.”

In the revealing blog post, Diem goes on to examine the media portrayal of bald women and the lack of strong female role models for women experiencing hair loss: “I remember searching "bald girls" on Google Images after I was diagnosed with cancer the first time around and up popped pictures of the beautiful Natalie Portman and Demi Moore. I felt so relieved to see these Hollywood actresses make having a shaved head look sexy and cool, but I wanted to see more… Now it's six years later and if you Google Image search "bald girls," the same Natalie and Demi images pop up”. By participating in the photo shoot, Diem wanted to give women with hair loss a new role model.

A New Role Model

Diem’s undaunted attitude to her hair loss is an inspiration not just to those fighting cancer but to anyone experiencing other hair loss conditions such as Alopecia or pattern baldness, and struggling with their confidence. She said that the shoot was “an amazing experience” and urges everyone to find pride in themselves, no matter how much hair they may have: “Don't let your insecurities hold you back. We all have them and we all have the ability to push those insecurities to the ground and stomp them out.”

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