Mourinho Comments on Guardiola's Hair Loss

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Outspoken football manager, Jose Mourinho reignited his feud with Bayern Munich manager, Pep Guardiola, during his second spell in charge at Chelsea FC, by commenting on his rival's hair loss.

"If you enjoy what you're doing, you don't lose your hair"

Jose Mourinho Says Pep Guardiola's Hair Loss is a Sign He Doesn't Enjoy FootballThe two football bosses have been at loggerheads since their time managing Spanish rivals, Real Madrid and Barcelona. It was recently reported that the pair's latest dispute was at a recent UEFA summit - over the perfect length for grass on a football pitch.

Following this, Mourinho told German publication, Bild, that Guardiola's hair loss means he does not enjoy football.

Jose said, “If you enjoy what you’re doing, you don’t lose your hair. He’s got a bald head. Guardiola doesn’t enjoy football.”

Guardiola, 43, sports a closely shaven head which, due to his naturally dark hair, still displays signs of vertex thinning and a receding hairline. In contrast, Mourinho, 53, has a full head of thick hair.

Could Jose be right?

There is an element of truth to Mourinho's diagnosis of Guardiola's baldness.

Managing at such a high level in the modern game, and dealing with the demands of such a pressurised, performance-based job is undoubtedly incredibly stressful. This can cause a number of stress-related hair loss conditions, including Telogen Effluvium and, in instances of sudden, intense stress, Alopecia Areata.

High levels of stress can also trigger or exacerbate existing hair thinning from male pattern baldness in those who are already genetically predisposed to the condition. By the looks of the pattern of Pep Guardiola's balding - thinning on top with a possible receding hairline, both classic signs of male hair loss- this seems most likely to be the case here.

It is important for anyone suffering from stress to try to control their anxiety levels as this constant pressure can affect your overall health, as well as your hairline. This involves following a healthy, varied diet, getting enough uninterrupted sleep and using relaxation techniques to switch off and bring your stress under control.

Treating Hair Loss

Belgravia Centre Male Hair Loss Client, Ben, who Had Similar Patterns of Balding to Pep Guardiola Belgravia Male Hair Loss Client, Ben, who Had Similar Patterns of Balding to Pep Guardiola

With regards to combating hair loss and regrowing his lost hair, there are a number of effective treatments for male hair loss and Guardiola could consider visiting a hair loss specialist who would explain the various options available to him.

Pictured here, you can see Belgravia client, Ben who is in his early 30's, both before and 6 months into his treatment programme. His male hair loss follows a similar pattern to Guardiola's. As you can see, he experienced significant regrowth with his hair appearing thicker and fuller around the temples.

Ben said of his treatment, "...Within a month of commencing the course I was able to see signs of change. Within three months the change was significant. Now, twelve months on I have to say I already have more hair then I initially imagined would be possible. What’s more satisfying is that my hair continues to gain thickness and texture...".  View Ben's full Hair Loss Success Story.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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