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Mother Looking to Found Alopecia Support Group in Bracknell


A young girl’s hair loss condition has inspired a campaign for greater awareness of Alopecia and the need for better support.

Madison Page, from Bracknell, was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata as a very small child. Now 13, Madison, pictured here, suffers with widespread hair loss and is often mistaken for a cancer patient.

Lack of Alopecia awareness

Madison Page Reveals The Extent Of The Patchy Hair Loss Caused By Her AlopeciaSeeing how upsetting the condition is for her daughter, Madison’s mother Lisa Page has called for greater public awareness of the condition. She said, “I really think Madison would feel a lot happier if people understood what she was going through and had others who are in the same situation as her to talk to”.

Lisa has also sought the help of national charity Alopecia UK to establish a support group in their local area. The charity highlights the psychological impact of Alopecia and stresses the need for greater support.

Amy Johnson, Communications Manager for Alopecia UK, commented that a lack of public awareness of the condition can be a real problem for sufferers. She said, “We find that one of the many challenges that people with Alopecia face is the lack of awareness of the condition. Upon seeing a woman or child with hair loss, there can be an automatic assumption that they are undergoing chemotherapy.”

Madison Page Shows Off Her New Wig - The Results Of Her Mum's Fundraising EffortsBuilding more support

Amy also stressed that the charity encourages anyone looking to set up a support group for Alopecia sufferers in their local area.

She added, “At Alopecia UK we seek to highlight the psychological impact of Alopecia and promote the need for greater support for those diagnosed. We believe that while Alopecia is not life-threatening, it can be life-changing.”

Lisa has been fundraising to have an £1,800 custom wig made for her daughter, and thanks to the generous donations of friends and supporters, Madison now has ‘new hair’ which she proudly showed off on her Facebook page (pictured right). If you are interested in joining or helping to set up an Alopecia support group in the Bracknell area, do leave a message for Madison and her mum on her page.

Whilst adults with signs of alopecia should seek the help of a hair loss specialist as there are a number of treatments for Alopecia Areata available, if you are a parent concerned about hair loss in children, do not hesitate to seek advice from your GP.

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