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Most beautiful bald celebrity


Tiki Barber

We can only assume ‘poppers’ means something different in America to what it means here in the UK, and that the shape of an Eagle Popper inspired this bout of bald loving fun, but Eagle Snacks recently announced the results of their “THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFULâ„¢ Sweepstakes” which sought to find America’s most beautiful bald celebrity.

So, get ready for America’s most beautiful bald people. First, the runners up: Tiki Barber, Terry Bradshaw, Chris Daughtry.

And the winner: Charlie Villaneuva. No, we’d never heard of any of them either. Clearly our own Wayne Rooney needs to work on his awareness ratings over the pond.

Chris Daughtry

We note that bald ladies don’t appear to be represented.

The winning voter, a ‘snack fan’, won a years supply of Poppers and a holiday in some mountains.

(Tiki Barber pic courtesy alexa627 on Flickr, some rights reserved.
Chris Daughtry pic courtesy caswell_tom on Flickr, some rights reserved)

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