fbpx Model Amber Le Bon Donates Her Hair to Children’s Hair Loss Charity
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Model Amber Le Bon Donates Her Hair to Children’s Hair Loss Charity


Beauty brand GHD held a day of haircuts at salons across the UK in aid of children’s hair loss charity, the Little Princess Trust on 21st September.

The aim was to raise not only money but also actual hair. This is because the Trust takes donated hair and turns it into real hair wigs which are then given free of charge to children with hair loss, often through cancer or alopecia areata.

#ChopToYourChin Day

Dubbed #choptoyourchin the event encouraged people to donate the minimum seven inches of hair – or more – needed for wig-making. One of those taking part was model, Amber Le Bon who had her hair cut broadcast live on Elle magazine’s Facebook page.

Amber, who is the eldest daughter of original supermodel Yasmin Le Bon and Duran Duran singer, Simon, took a break from her Fashion Week schedule to help the charity.

GHD ambassador and hairstylist Adam Reed, who did Amber’s cut, took 7 inches from nervous Amber’s long hair. He demonstrated how to measure the hair and band it in order to ensure there is enough hair to meet the minimum donation requirements. Though Reed advised anyone considering such a drastic change to have it done by a professional rather than doing it yourself. He also noted that bobbed hairstyles and long bobs – or ‘lobs’ – were a big fashion trend so it was a great way to get a current look whilst donating to a worthwhile and very grateful charity.

Making children with hair loss feel special

During the chop Le Bon said, “The good thing is that hair will grow back and you’re giving it to people whose hair isn’t growing. And I love that idea that my hair will grow back and it will take time but actually I like that process, seeing it change… But this is going to people who are so young – kids! – whose hair isn’t growing… It will make a child feel so special.”

Amber, who said that one of her sisters had also donated her hair to the charity, noted, “As you get older you do lose more hair… but as a child going through that it must be devastating… It can be difficult being a child at the best of times.”

Commenting on the video, the Little Princess Trust – which celebrated its centenary in 2016 – said, “We are SO grateful, Amber, thank you so much from everyone here at LPT!”

“Receiving a wig has a profoundly positive effect on those we assist. Thanks to Amber and everyone participating today in #choptoyourchin as well as all of our incredible supporters who donate their hair to our charity, the children and young adults being supported by Little Princess Trust will benefit at a very stressful time in their lives.”

Whilst Little Princess Trust supplies real-hair wigs to both girls and boys, the UK-based charity recently relaunched a separate boys division called Hero by LPT. Anyone wanting to donate their hair – or money to help produce the wigs and fund paediatric cancer research – can find out more on the charity’s website.

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