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Miracle Hair Loss Cure – Cow Urine?


For centuries men and women have looked in the most unusual places for effective hair loss treatments. So it is little surprise to hear of a growing movement in Agra, India that has identified a new miracle baldness ‘cure’ – cow urine.

Hindu worshippers claim that drinking the urine of virgin cows from the shelter belonging to DD Singhal have miraculous powers. Not only do adherents believe that cow urine can cure diabetes, cancer tumours and tuberculosis, but that it is the only truly successful cure for hair loss.

Not just any old cow urine

For the best effects, worshippers believe that the urine must be collected from a virgin cow that has not yet delivered a calf. They also suggest that urine must be taken and drunk before sunrise for maximum effect.

Followers of the cult point to ancient Hindu scriptures which reveal cow urine as a ‘divine gift from God’, helping to explain its health benefits. DD Singhal, owner of the sacred cows, is now hoping to launch a range of cow urine products including eye drops, toothpastes and soaps.

Literally taking the pee

DD Singhal’s followers are not the first people to try and combat hair loss by drinking urine. Ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates believed that drinking chicken urine would help restore his hairline and openly advocated the practice to his followers.

Pee drinking, or urophagia to give the practice its proper name, is often touted as an alternative medicine that promises all manner of health improvements. There is not however, any credible scientific evidence to suggest that drinking urine improves health or promotes hair regrowth.

The dangers of drinking urine

Most medical experts advise against drinking urine, suggesting that doing so could increase the risk of illness. Urine is, at the most basic level, composed of toxins that your body is trying to shed – it is unlikely therefore that anything healthy or useful remains in the liquid.

Doctors also warn that drinking urine can lead to infections, or skin rashes in some people. There is also a danger of increased salt intake, leading to dehydration. None of these potential side effects will have any positive hair growth boosting benefits.

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