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Minoxidil – Proven for Hair Loss Prevention

Minoxidil is one of only three products approved by the FDA for hair loss for both men and women. This means that it is proven to work. The other two products are the finasteride 1mg pill, commonly known as Propecia (men only) and the HairMax LaserComb, which a hand-held laser device. Not only is it an effective treatment for preventing Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss, but also works successfully for a number of other conditions including Alopecia Areata, Traction Alopecia and Diffuse Thinning.

Minoxidil 5% Success RatesMinoxidil works by increasing blood circulation at the areas of application (in this case the scalp) by opening up potassium channels. This type of medication is called a ‘vasodilator’ and although there are a lot of vasodilator products, none of the others have been found to prevent or reverse hair loss – that’s why there is still a bit of mystery behind minoxidil’s method of action. But the fact is, it works.

In clinical trials 65% of men with hair loss maintained or increased their hair count from the use of minoxidil 5%, and 54% of that bracket experienced mild to moderate hair growth. In the women’s clinical trial, 2 out of three experienced regrowth, but this was from the use of the mild 2% solution.

The Belgravia Pharmacy offers a number of different minoxidil formulations.

Combining minoxidil with one or more of the medically proven medications is always advised for maximum response, as well as various hair growth boosters that will ensure optimum hair regrowth.

Minoxidil is easy to apply (takes under one minute on a daily basis) and the weaker solutions are directed to be applied twice daily, whereas cream formulations should only be applied once a day. Belgravia’s liquid solutions will not cause any greasiness as some well-known minoxidil brands do; the minoxidil cream can cause greasiness and it is advised to wash the hair every day if using this formulation.

To see the kind of results that can be achieved from a specially combined treatment course for hair loss please visit our ‘before and during treatment’ photo-scans pages, or hair loss success stories. You can also view Belgravia’s first set of hair loss video diaries, featuring a Belgravia patient discussing his treatment and comparing his hair before and during his treatment.

Treatment courses are available to anybody around the world. You can arrange a free consultation at the centre or alternatively complete an online consultation if you are unable to get to either of our Central London centres.

It’s important that hair loss is dealt with as early as possible. Thinning hair can be reversed but baldness cannot.

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