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Minoxidil for Women – Can I Use More Than 2%?


Name: Mrs Villasante

Question: I was told by a hair specialist at a London hospital to use a 5% minoxidil and not a 2% but there was no mention as to whether or not it was a formula for men or women. What would be the problem if I was to use men’s and why can’t I find 5% for women anyway?

Doctor and female patientAnswer: Minoxidil is a clinically proven hair loss treatment designed for use in both men and women. Although it is available in various strengths, you cannot find a 5% version labelled for women over the counter because this strength was licensed for men only. The 2% concentration is the licensed strength for women. This does not mean that you cannot use minoxidil 5%, it just means that anything higher than 2% requires a prescription. Manufacturers must have this safety net for their over-the-counter products as they cannot monitor a person’s response to the treatment, but doctors and specialists can.

Hair loss in women can be influenced by a variety of factors and should be diagnosed by a hair loss specialist. They, or a doctor, should be able to prescribe a treatment course that would be most suitable – including minoxidil 5% should you require it – and they will monitor you to see how well you respond to the treatment. Additionally you will have immediate access to specialist and medical advice and assistance.

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