fbpx Milo Ventimiglia Says Hair Loss Helped Him Grow Up
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Milo Ventimiglia Says Hair Loss Helped Him Grow Up


Milo Ventimiglia gained weight and cut his hair to look olderIt’s something that most middle-aged men lament, but Heroes hunk Milo Ventimiglia might tell balding men to think themselves lucky. The 32-year-old actor says he decided to “pack on some weight and cut my hair” in an effort to look older.

“I have had fans come up to me demanding to know what I have done with my hair,” Milo said. “Some fans seem to hate it but I needed to grow up.”

Some men cut or shave their hair in an effort to minimise the appearance of a maturing hairline or thinning hair, something that often occurs in their 20s. There are no obvious signs of hair loss for this Hollywood actor but perhaps Milo hopes that by trimming his tresses he can score some more mature roles.

“I think there was a moment where [Heroes character] Peter Petrelli needed to step out of the lost little boy kind of innocent persona,” he said.

Do you prefer his usual foppish hair or the mature, clean-cut crop?

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