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Mickey Rourke Had Hairdresser For Bodyguard, Now Has Noticeable Hair Loss

mickey rourke thin hair hair loss extensionsHe now spends his days styling hair in an upmarket salon, but his past job, on the surface at least, was a whole world away from the beauty industry. As the bodyguard of Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke, Chris Manolache was more used to pushing past paps than brushing hair, although he admits he did occasionally put his skills to the test when asked to tint Rourke’s hair and moustache.

Speaking out about his previous role looking after Rourke, Manolache spilled the beans on the wild drug-fuelled parties they attended in the late 90’s when he was under Rourke’s employ. From hanging with the Hell’s Angels to stepping in when his boss got into fights, the Romanian regales clients at his salon in Richmond, south-west London, where he now works, with Rourke-related stories.

Raising Hair Hell

However, Mickey might be in need of his former bodyguard’s skills more than ever when it comes to his current hair situation, however due to overstaying his visa, Manolache is unable to gain re-entry to the States. At 60, Rourke is dealing with noticeably thin hair, and whilst Manolache’s skills may have been able to conceal the hair loss to an extent, treatment is needed to stop things progressing.

Rourke’s thinning hair is probably down to male pattern hair loss, which affects 65 per cent of men by the age of 60, meaning he’s certainly not in the minority. Should he wish to prevent baldness, Rourke would need to start a regular treatment regime containing clinically proven hair loss medication. Using hair extensions, such as those he appears to be wearing in the picture, also won’t be helping things.

Fighting Hair Loss

The first of two medications licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA (the UK and US medical regulatory bodies) to treat hair loss is Propecia. A daily tablet, it works by blocking DHT, the naturally occurring androgen hormone that attacks hair follicles atop the scalp in those with a genetic predisposition to hereditary hair loss.

The second medication, minoxidil, is administered directly to the scalp, usually twice per day, and is quick and easy to apply. For treating a receding hairline, topical applications of a high strength minoxidil has proven highly effective, even for stubborn cases of hair loss.

So, it’s likely that combining these two treatments together would provide Rourke with the best chance of halting his hair loss and regrowing areas of thinning. This is providing that the areas he wishes to treat have not become totally bald and shiny as this means the hair follicles are dead and can no longer be stimulated into producing regrowth. As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, he could also use certain hair growth boosters such as the FDA cleared LaserComb, which can help to optimise results.

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