Michelle Obama’s ‘Bald’ TV Appearance Causes Concern

Michelle Obama’s recent appearance on popular US TV show Jeopardy caused concern among viewers that the First Lady is suffering from hair loss.

Michelle Obama Looking Bald on Jeopardy TV Show Thanks to Some Bad LightingJust bad lighting

However, upon inspection, Michelle’s appearance was attributed to the harsh studio lighting disagreeing with her new, pulled-back hairstyle. Commenting on her new look after ditching her fringe, Michelle said, “You know, it’s hard to make speeches with your hair in your face!

The First Lady is currently promoting her ‘Let’s Move’ programme, aimed at preventing childhood obesity. She appeared on the long-running quiz show to host her own category of questions on healthy eating.

Healthy eating and healthy hair

Good nutrition is essential for promoting healthy hair growth and can help prevent thinning hair caused by hair loss conditions such as Telogen Effluvium. Vitamins and nutrients often linked to healthy hair growth include iron, B12, zinc, silica, sulphur and biotin.

A healthy diet can significantly improve the condition of your hair, its shine and the rate at which it grows. There are a number of foods you could try including in your diet to see results. However, boosting your intake with a specially-targeted dietary supplement, such as Belgravia's exclusive once-a-day Hair Vitalics, can be a more convenient way to ensure you get the necessary nutrients - although ideally you should aim to make healthy food choices too.

The Ludwig Scale of Women's Hair Loss.jpg The Ludwig Scale of Women's Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Whilst Michelle Obama was clearly not suffering from female hair loss, this hereditary condition is a source of concern for many women across the world.

Although it is the female version of Male Pattern Baldness, women do not tend to experience isolated patches of hair loss around the top of the head (the area affected by genetic hair loss in both sexes). Instead, it appears as thinning hair in women, and is generally most noticeable around the parting which becomes wider as shedding occurs and the hair thins. You can see the various stages of female pattern hair loss in the Ludwig Scale chart, pictured right.

There is, however, help available and women concerned that they might be losing their hair can contact an expert for a professional diagnosis, advice and support. This dedicated hair loss specialist will also provide recommendations and information about personalised female hair loss treatment programmes, which are tailored to the individual to maximise their potential for regrowth.

Any women based outside London, or the UK, who cannot get to one of our London clinics but still wish to use the services of Belgravia's hair loss experts can do so via our home-use courses, available on completion of our Online Consultation form.

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The Belgravia Centre

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