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Michael Winner’s Beer Hair Thickening Treatment


Michael Winner Washes His Hair in BeerA veteran movie maker is onto a golden winner in hair thickening awards. Michael Winner isn’t akin to male pattern baldness and while others his age are scratching their heads over his glorious mane, the 74-year-old film director is soaking his locks in beer.

Winner said the thickening ale is his secret weapon.

“It gives my hair body. I can use any lager beer but my hair prefers Heineken,” Winner said.

“You will be startled by the reaction you get afterwards from the opposite sex – and sometimes from your own sex!”

While applying alcohol topically may temporarily help thicken existing hair, it will not prevent hair loss or stop it from thinning. But Shane MacGowan from The Pogues believes otherwise.

“There is only one way to cure baldness – you pour Guinness over your head, collect it in a bucket, and drink it in the morning,” MacGowan  said.

There are actually two products that have been clinically proven and even licensed for the treatment of hair loss, but Guinness, or beer in general, is not one of them.

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