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Michael Douglas: Great Genes Behind His Hair?

michael douglas hairHe was promoting his latest biopic Behind The Candelabra in London this week, which has received rave reviews, and actor Michael Douglas, who announced in 2011 that he had beaten throat cancer, was looking well as he left Claridge’s Hotel to say hello to his fans.

The 68 year old Oscar winner, who portrays Liberace, the famous Las Vegas showman alongside Matt Damon, may not have undergone any hair loss treatment. Indeed, Douglas’s male family members seem to have been similarly lucky with their hair: from Douglas’s 96 year old father Kirk, to his 34 year old son Cameron, thick healthy locks abound.

Genius Genes

However, good hair running in the family doesn’t always mean that you will be immune to hair loss. It’s possible to carry the gene for balding without expressing it, so just because your male (and female) relatives don’t appear to be losing hair as they age, it’s still possible to experience male pattern hair loss yourself.

If Douglas has experienced the onset of pattern hair loss, how is it possible that he’s kept such a good head of hair despite being almost 70 years old? It’s possible that the veteran actor has been using a hair loss treatment programme that contains clinically proven hair loss medication.

To halt the rate of hair loss, the medication Propecia can be taken. Licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA, the UK and US medical regulatory bodies, Propecia works by blocking the hormone DHT, which causes genetic hair loss.

By blocking DHT, follicular miniaturisation, the process which leads to thin, wispy hairs being produced is halted, allowing thick, healthy hairs to be grown once more. However, by itself Propecia is often not enough to regrow hair.

In order to regrow thinning hair, the second and only other proven medications for hair loss, minoxidil, can be used. The two medications are highly complementary when used together, but whilst Propecia comes in a standard dose, minoxidil can be varied up to a high strength minoxidil cream for particularly stubborn patches of loss.

Douglas could maintain his hair and prevent further thinning or hairline recession using the above treatments, if indeed he has experienced male pattern hair loss. The two medications become part of a comprehensive hair loss treatment approach when combined with a variety of treatment boosters –  including the FDA cleared LaserComb – which ensure hair is kept looking its best and regrowth occurs as promptly as possible.

The Belgravia Centre—————————————————————————————————–

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