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The search for a men’s hair loss solution

Male pattern baldness can start early. It’s driven by testosterone, and young men have lots of that.

Whether you are susceptible to this type of hair loss or not is down to a mixture of genes from both sides of the family. The point is, nowadays male pattern baldness can almost always be stopped and frequently reversed.

Hair is produced by hair follicles set deep into our skin, so they remain when old skin sloughs off. Hair cycles through three stages: growth, rest and shedding, then the hair growth begins again. How long that whole cycle takes determines how long your hair can grow in that part of your body. So, eyebrow follicles have a short cycle, scalp ones longer. Hair naturally falls out at the end of the rest period and loss of around a hundred hairs a day from the scalp is normal.

The effect of testosterone on hair follicles in male pattern baldness is that after each cycle, the follicle is weaker, the hair is thinner and in the end the follicle ceases to function. The result is baldness on the top of the head as male pattern baldness does not affect the back or sides.

Carl Fenton

So what’s the solution to male pattern baldness? The most important advice is to act early. Follicles that have ceased are hard, if not impossible, to coax back to life, whereas weak follicles can be helped.

The Belgravia Centre provides an effective hair loss solution by designing a custom hair loss treatment plan for each client, starting with a full assessment by a professional trichologist.

The secret to Belgravia’s successful hair loss solution is that it combines everything that has been identified to halt hair loss and promote hair regrowth. It’s that combination, together with regular monitoring, that enables The Belgravia Centre to achieve the results we do.

Our in-house pharmacy provides the most effective, low cost hair loss treatments with two effective and approved drugs, Propecia and/or Minoxidil, at the centre of most hair loss solutions. We often complement those drugs with other products such as medroxyprogesterone (MPG) and azelaic acid as we’ve found the combination works well. Of course, we still offer a free laser comb or Hair Vitalics hair supplement, specialist shampoos, herbal supplements, and in-clinic treatments.

For those who can’t get to our London hair loss clinic, you can submit an ON-LINE DIAGNOSTIC FORM for Belgravia’s optimum hair loss treatment combinations by post.

The hair loss industry has a poor history and a reputation for offering ineffective remedies so the public is right to be sceptical. Used correctly, modern tested and approved drugs can however offer a real chance of a cure, but it works better if you act early – so the best time to act is now.

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