Men Would Rather Lose Their Job Than Have Hair Loss, Says UK Study

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It has just been revealed that 'men's hair' was the most popular beauty-themed Google search of 2015. It's no surprise then to hear how important hair is to men in the UK as a new survey reveals that many would rather lose their job than their hair.

A reported 30 per cent of UK men polled by researchers for a new haircare brand admitted they think about hair loss at least once every day - and one in ten even loses sleep over it.

Willing to make sacrifices for their hair

UK Men Concerned About Hair LossAccording to the Express, over half of the British men asked said they would forego a number of luxuries and opportunities 'including a promotion and a supermodel wife' just to have a full head of hair with no receding hairline.

Supermodel partner or not, over one in ten men also said they would give up sex for six months if it lead to them hanging on to their hair. Self-confidence issues associated with male pattern baldness were highlighted as 20 per cent of men polled believed having thinning hair would make them less attractive.

Echoing an earlier Belgravia Centre survey which found that 78 per cent of men would rather keep their hair than have a Ferrari, the survey also discovered that 52 per cent of men were willing to do this now.

Balding associated with getting old

UK Men Worried About Hair LossThe Express also published a list of British men's 'Top 15 Fears'. Whilst hair loss came in at number 7, ahead of such horrors as having your entire internet search history made public (number 12) and seeing your parents naked (number 14),  it was also linked to the third place entry - old age.

A quarter of the men taking part in the survey said they are worried that thinning hair makes them look older. This is a common fear and something that could be considered well-founded; a recent study into female hair loss found that women with thinning hair were believed to look up to 10 years older than they actually were.

Many men also see losing their hair as something that happens when they are 'old', however signs of male hair loss in those with the predisposed genetic trait, generally start to become noticeable when a man is in his mid-20's to early-30's. It can, and indeed is increasingly seen in younger men from as young as their late-teens or early 20's, too.

Dealing with and preventing hair loss

Stop Hair Loss in MenThe myth that the only way for men to deal with hair loss is to shave their head still seems to be alive and well, with 13 per cent of those surveyed believing it to be true.

There are, in fact, two clinically-proven, MHRA licensed and FDA approved male hair loss treatments available for this specific purpose.

Navigating the best way to prevent baldness and promote hair growth can be tricky but a consultation with a hair loss specialist can provide not only personalised treatment recommendations and professional advice, but also reassurance at what can be a distressing time.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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