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Men Would Choose Impotence over Baldness


Man Worried About Hair Loss The Belgravia CentreA new study has further highlighted just how important a healthy hairline is to a man’s sense of self esteem. Of the men questioned, 94% said that their greatest fear was going bald, just ahead of becoming impotent with 89% of votes. For many years hair loss experts have been aware of the effect male hair loss has on self esteem, but few would have guessed the extent of the fear that a receding hairline engenders in men.

Commenting on the results, psychotherapist Toni Mackenzie said, “Hair loss can be genuinely distressing for men. It can’t be easily disguised and people do seem to think it’s fair game for jokes, unlike things like putting on weight or going grey. Men who lose their hair are expected to adopt a laissez-faire attitude and take insults with good humour. The pressure this causes can have a huge effect on men’s self-confidence, which has knock-on effects on their physical and mental wellbeing.”

Successful hair loss treatment regimes must therefore combat the causes of balding and help those affected regain their self-confidence in the process.

Seeking treatment early

The survey results seem to suggest that many men believe that the first signs of a receding hairline will inevitably result in total baldness. Although this could be the case for many men, seeking advice from a hair loss expert could help prevent it becoming a reality.

Hair loss experts advise men concerned about their receding hairline to begin treatment as soon as possible to halt further hair loss. With the use of a proper custom treatment plan, many men can halt their shedding and begin re-growing the lost hair before anyone else notices any difference.

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