Men of a Certain Age Deal With Baldness, Says Ray Romano

When “Men of a Certain Age” come to realise that their balding is getting out of control and their pecs aren’t where they used to be, they sometimes hit the gym or start evaluating hair loss products. Ray Romano, on the other hand, makes a TV series out of it.

Ray Romano's show, Men of a Certain Age, came about through his own life“The show revolves around a very weird time to be a man,” Romano says. The idea of “Men of a Certain Age” came about through Romano’s own life, much like his hit sitcom, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, which ended in 2005 after nine years running.

Lamenting the perils of middle-age, Romano and fellow comedian Kevin James recently discussed the issue of baldness.

"Kevin and I were looking at ourselves in the mirror. I have this full head of dark hair and he doesn’t have ... as much,” Romano said, diplomatically. “I said, ‘Kevin, this is God’s balance. You and I are both average-looking men. But if we flipped hair situations and I had your hair and you had mine then you would be a very good-looking man and I’d be ugly. Very ugly.”

Romano said that just because guys don’t often talk about it, doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their appearance. And, possibly revealing that he has some issues with aging, Romano said vanity doesn’t just belong to women.

“You women don’t know how hair loss affects a man,” he attested. “Most women don’t face this crisis where your hair becomes thin or goes instantly gray or just falls out of your head forever. Who wants this to happen to them?”

Not many, by all accounts, as it seems more and more men, and women, are seeking professional advice from hair loss experts. Statistics released by The Belgravia Centre earlier this year that took into account more than 10,000 male clients, showed men were most likely to treat their receding hairlines between the ages of 20 and 35. But it could be the availability of more effective hair loss treatments that is responsible for a growing trend of younger people seeking help earlier, rather than more cases of hair loss.

Ray Romano says "Men of a Certain Age" look in the mirror and realise they've become fatter and certain body parts are sinkingRomano has confessed that his new show is a dramatic but comedic reflection of his own stage of life.

"Men are looking in the mirror and thinking how we’ve suddenly become fatter and how certain body parts are sinking toward the Earth," he said.

"Suddenly you hit that wall of being in your late 40s and nearing 50. Maybe you’re a guy who has kept his emotions inside his whole life. You’ve internalised all of your crap. Then you hit this age where you need to talk to someone because your life is filled with issues," he said. "Then I realised that this was my own mini-crisis."

"Men of a Certain Age" premiered on Monday night on US TV. For more information about hair loss, contact The Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666, send a message to book a free consultation, or submit an online diagnostic form.

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