Men Keep Hair and Beauty Habits Secret

Traditionally seen as an unfortunate but largely inevitable rite of passage, some men aren't sure whether it's now acceptable to actively prevent the onset of baldness. While there are treatments for receding hairlines and thinning crowns available, many might not do anything about it because they wouldn't want to appear vain. However, a new survey that reveals the extent of the modern man's beauty regime suggests that hair loss is just one of many cosmetic problems men secretly have to deal with.

Man using a face maskMen have enough to worry about with baldness threatening the appearance of 8 in 10 and it seems they're now fed up with dark circles under the eyes, wayward facial hair and rough skin. The survey found that one man in 10 uses concealer and foundation, long-time secret weapons of the fairer sex; 39% pinch their partner's tweezers; and 37% borrow their moisturiser. As for maintaining their locks, nearly a third of British men admit to using women’s hairstyling tools.

Keeping up appearances seems to be essential in today's society but very few men are willing to reveal the secrets that keep them well groomed. More than a third of those surveyed said they have not revealed their beauty habits to their other half, and London men are the most stealth with 60% hiding their regimes.

As for hair loss, it's a problem for approximately 24 million men in the UK and statistics released last year from The Belgravia Centre reveal that 30 is the age where many decide to do something about it.

Preventative hair loss treatments are not only essential to help men avoid further balding but also if they want to keep the issue of hairline maintenance under wraps, according to Leonora Doclis, hair and scalp specialist of The Belgravia Centre.

"Not only is it risky to wait for the hair to go completely before considering to act on it, but hair growth on a previously bald spot makes the change in appearance obvious," Ms Doclis said. "Most people are embarrassed to let colleagues know that they did something about their hair loss as though they do not want to be seen as vain."

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