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Megan Fox Hair Loss Rumours


megan fox hair loss rumourShe’s known for starring in the first two Transformers films, and Megan Fox will shortly be starring in another comic book classic: the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that will be out next year. However, a source has told the Star newspaper that the actress is dealing with hair loss.

The source allegedly commented: “After dying [Fox’s] mane red for her role as April O’Neil in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle remake, producers hated the result and sent her back to the salon for a redo, which wreaked havoc on her once-lush locks. She went to a different stylist, and they ended up using a metallic hair dye that reacted to the initial product. Next thing you know, her hair started falling out in clumps!”

Cost of Transforming Hair?

Of course, it’s impossible to tell whether the source is reliable, but assuming that this is the case, what could be going on with Fox’s hair? It’s certainly true that dyeing hair, especially when done regularly, can damage your existing hair, making it more brittle and prone to breakage.

However, dyeing hair shouldn’t result in long term female hair loss, and the new hair that grows through after the dyed area should be in a healthy condition. However, if Fox’s hair is growing back thinner or weaker than before, there are several reasons why this might be the case.

Firstly, for any woman experiencing hair loss with no obvious cause, a blood test is important to ensure that a nutritional deficiency or hormonal imbalances (such as a thyroid problem) is not to blame. Should Fox find that any of these potential causes of hair loss is the issue, her hair should regrow within six months once the issue has been addressed.

Tried and Tested

However, if blood tests don’t provide an answer, it’s time to look closely at the hair loss. If the loss is diffuse over the top of the scalp, it may be that the early onset of female pattern hair loss is occurring. If this were the case, Fox would need to begin treatment in order to halt the rate of loss and regrow thinning areas. A hair loss treatment programme that contained the only medication proven to treat hair loss in women, minoxidil, would be useful here.

Alternatively, there are various other forms of hair loss that Fox might be experiencing. If the hair loss is diffuse over the scalp, Telogen effluvium could be the answer, which is when hair loss occurs around three months after a stressful event (though there are many other potential triggers) and this form of hair loss usually regrows itself within six months.

So, a visit to a hair loss specialist and relevant blood tests will usually be enough to determine the cause of your loss. If suitable for a hair loss treatment plan, the specialist would then be able to determine the ideal strength of minoxidil for the unique case. Belgravia also combined certain added ingredients to their minoxidil formulations which can help to block the damage done to scalp hair follicles by hormone DHT. Along with this proven medication, a variety of hair growth boosters would ensure locks were kept in their optimum condition, creating a truly comprehensive approach.

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