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Medical Treatment That Works For Hair Loss

There are many men who seem to think the only thing they can trust is a razor. After time and time again of trying this product and trying that supplement for hair loss to no avail, the clean-shaven head gradually became the secret weapon of choice for many a balding man. But if this is the case, there are obviously a couple of medical treatments for hair loss that they haven’t yet tried.

Man with a razor“It’s a huge industry, worth millions of dollars – and a lot of bullshit,” explains Dr. Alex Ginzburg, a dermatologist and hair-transplant specialist. “Vitamins, creams, what-have-you. If a bald guy walks into a health store and asks what they have for hair loss, they’ll sell him his own grandmother. For many such men, the situation is extremely upsetting – like losing a finger. They’ll do anything to stop hair from falling out. So they spend [hundreds here and there], thinking the last product they tried didn’t work, but maybe this one will.”

Despite the hundreds of hair loss products available, only two have ever gone through the rigorous testing enforced by government regulatory bodies to prove their safety and efficacy, providing the best opportunity for hair loss stabilisation and regrowth.

Minoxidil has revolutionised the field,” Ginzburg explains. The topical treatment is applied to the scalp once or twice a day and causes the dilation of blood vessels and augments the blood flow, stimulating the transportation of nutrients to the follicles and promoting strong, healthy hair growth. The second revolution is Propecia, a prescription-only anti-hair loss tablet that stops the progress of male pattern baldness by inhibiting the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Hair loss should be classified as a medical condition, according to medically-trained hair specialists, not a cosmetic problem. Any number of factors can contribute to or cause hair loss and they should be addressed by professionals. However, there are plenty of nutritional and cosmetic companies that produce and market products to those with thinning hair or baldness which rarely, if ever, produce any significant results.

“The solutions offered at pharmacies create total confusion,” says Dr. Yoav Shechter, a Propecia representative. “Any manufacturer can release his formula or anything else he wants. We get balding men who have tried eggs or frogs’ legs and have given up; they can’t find a solution with proven effects. I’ve come to accept my own bald head – but for some it’s a serious issue, so they’ll try anything. Balding is not a cosmetic problem, it’s a medical problem. You have to consult a doctor, not try all kind of quacks’ cures sold at pharmacies. The public refuses to understand this.”

Hair Loss Treatment Course with Minoxidil and PropeciaThe fact is, of the hundreds of products, treatments and solutions offered for hair loss, only two have been conclusively proven to work. Experts at The Belgravia Centre say that for anyone suffering unwanted hair loss, the best opportunity they could have for stopping the hair fall and regaining their lost hair would be a course of treatment based primarily around different formulations of these proven products, with the added benefit of various hair growth boosters suited to the individual circumstance.

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