Matthew McConaughey 'Goes Bald' Following Hair Transplant Rumours

Posted by Mike Peake

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Oscar-winning American actor Matthew McConaughey has been the subject of multiple rumours over the years, with everything from his sexuality to the strength of his marriage seemingly wide open to public debate.

For a man so well-known for his luxurious head of hair, however, enduring rumours about hair loss and hair transplants in some ways seem the most outlandish.

Matthew McConaughey - Before and AfterFluctuating hairline

The wavy-haired Texan did, however, start showing early signs of Male Pattern Baldness some years ago and Hollywood's eagle-eyed celebrity-watchers were lightning quick to notice that his famous locks were thinning. When his hairline suddenly took on a much-fuller look, speculation was rife that the actor had had a hair transplant.

McConaughey nipped the rumour in the bud, though, when he told Elle magazine that his regrowth was the result of a hair loss treatment programme.

The actor’s hair has been under the spotlight again this week, as pictures seen online show the actor with dramatically more pronounced hair loss than ever. Fortunately for his fans, though, the shots were taken in character, on the set of a new film that the actor is currently shooting. Entitled 'Gold', it tells the story of a struggling businessman who travels to the jungles of Indonesia in search of riches.

Matthew McConaughey Prepares for Role in GoldAs the pictures rapidly spread on the internet, Esquire magazine summed them up rather cruelly on Twitter: “Matthew McConaughey’s new role: bald slob in a cheap suit.” Whilst GQ weighed in with some similar bald-bashing: “Behold! Matthew McConaughey, uncooler than you’ve ever seen him before.”

It’s not just the Wolf of Wall Street star's faux hair loss - for which he had the top of his head shaved - that had journalists reaching for their insults book, though: as Business Standard magazine points out, he is also wearing “a beaky nose, protruding teeth and prosthetic belly.”

But the response from the media does nonetheless highlight how thinning hair is a look that no man actively seeks. It also perhaps demonstrates why McConaughey was so keen to reverse his real-life hair loss in the first place.

Reversal is possible

What surprises many people is that reversal of Male Pattern Hair loss is indeed entirely possible. Whilst not every case will be successful - for instance, as treatment is based on stimulating the hair follicle, if someone is truly bald this means their follicles have died so there is nothing left to activate - there are many thousands of people around the world who have enjoyed impressive regrowth results.

Treatment typically involves a multi-faceted approach, with hair loss specialists able to tailor personalised regrowth plans featuring clinically-proven, MHRA and FDA approved components as well as hair growth boosters such as laser combs, once a professional diagnosis has been made.

What is especially interesting is that McConaughey opted for such a programme over a hair transplant. Though the high cost of the latter would certainly not have troubled a man of his means, there is no getting away from the fact that the scalp has to go through a very visible recovery period after a transplant in addition to having to shave at least part of the head. A male hair loss treatment programme, meanwhile, has no recovery period: when successful, hair loss is halted and new hairs regrow gradually.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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