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Man Tackles Hair Loss with Remedy Made for his Parrot


In what may yet turn out to be a major breakthrough in hair loss treatment, a former fighter pilot from Abu Dhabi claims to have created a brand-new serum that he believes will all but eradicate baldness.

Talking to local newspaper The National, Emirati Omran Alhallami explains how he first started experimenting with new medical formulas 12 years ago, when he set up a laboratory at home. His initial goal was to find a way to regrow the feathers on his sick parrot, whose ailments were deemed incurable by Mr Alhallami’s vet.

ParrotChemicals derived from plants

Mr Alhallami’s solution was to immerse himself in the study of chemicals derived from plants, a branch of science known as phytochemistry. He found an answer after 10 years of trials with a spray that would regrow feathers, he says, in less than two weeks.

What happened next is little short of remarkable: “I took my parrot to the doctor again and he was shocked when he saw it,” Mr Alhallami told The National. “There was a Filipino guy working with him, he wanted to grow a beard. He said, ‘Can you spray the product on my beard?’

Several weeks later, Mr Alhallami claims the man phoned him to say that his beard had grown. Thus inspired, Mr Alhallami then set about testing his spray on other people who were losing their hair.

He claims that the product, which he has named Biogrow, was a success in tests, and that it provides almost five per cent more thickness every month, with results visible in month three.

The newspaper reports that Mr Alhallami insists he has been careful to quantify the effectiveness of his product, which has undergone trials in Switzerland and France.

He claims that 98 per cent of the participants so far – which is said to included men with male pattern hair loss up to Norwood scale IV and also women with female pattern hair loss – demonstrated increases in hair density. Furthermore, he claims that there were no adverse side-effects.

We have done calculations and we found that people can grow between 2,000 and 5,000 hairs every month,” says Mr Alhallami. “You cannot see it in the first month or the second month, but in the third month you can.

Range of treatments

Having now set up a company named Osma Cosmetics and Laboratories, Mr Alhallami has new products in the pipeline that he hopes will provide a full range of treatments for people with hair loss conditions.

We are really happy with the product and now we can announce we have discovered the formula for human hair growth,” Mr Alhallami told The National. “I can say with confidence that this discovery will open the door to a future where hopefully you will not see a bald man or woman walking down the street.

While Belgravia is always receptive to information about new hair loss treatments, we are inclined to reserve judgement on Biogrow until more detailed results of extensive clinical trials are available.

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