fbpx Man Suffers from Hair Loss After Practical Joke
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Man Suffers from Hair Loss After Practical Joke


A postal worker from Northern Ireland has experienced hair loss after being the victim of what appears to be a practical joke that backfired.

The man, who has not been named, noticed his hair loss when he removed a motorbike helmet, which he had taken from the staff locker room the Royal Mail delivery office in Derry.

It was only when he returned home and removed the helmet that the man noticed the condition of his hair. Clumps of hair had fallen from his scalp and he had also suffered burns. Reports suggest an acidic substance had been placed into the helmet by a would-be prankster.

The incident was initially reported to the police, but as it is now being dealt with internally by Royal Mail, the police have agreed to drop their investigation. A source told BBC News that the man’s colleagues at the Royal Mail delivery office were “very annoyed and angry” about the incident.

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