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Man Left With Badly Scarred Scalp After Botched Hair Transplant

A man has been forced to seek extra treatment via the TV show ‘Botched Bodies’ to disguise dent-like scars across his head, after his hair transplant went wrong.

‘Borderline depressed’ by hair loss

Graham Ryder, from East Finchley, was left with 50 deep scars across the top of his head after undergoing a badly-executed hair transplant. The 51-year-old started to develop a thinning crown and vertex in his early twenties, as well as a receding hairline but waited years to finally seek specialist hair loss help.

You have to bear in mind that when I lost my hair I was 22, which was nearly 30 years ago, and that was the age of big hair. At the time I suppose it affected me quite deeply and I was borderline depressed,” he said.

This type of reaction is fairly common as signs of hair loss can have a profound effect on a man’s self-esteem. However, by waiting so long to take advice on his hair loss condition, Graham found his shedding had advanced substantially, as male pattern baldness is a progressive condition. Story continues below.

Man Left With 50 Scars On His Scalp After Hair Transplant Goes Wrong - Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Blog

Graham Ryder Was Left With 50 Indented Scars On His Scalp After His Hair Transplant Went Wrong

Bad surgery results and desperate measures

Graham, who works as an Electrical Project Manager, decided to opt for hair transplant surgery but it turned out to be only a temporary solution. “As my natural hair started to recede more it exposed the transplanted area, which grew in a very tufty sort of fashion,” he explained. This type of result is one of the main reasons that most surgeons will recommend men follow an on-going comprehensive hair loss treatment course as part of their surgery aftercare. The action of minoxidil and finasteride 1mg, the two medically-proven treatments for male hair loss, helps to preserve the hair surrounding the transplanted area for an overall more natural look.

After the surgery, Graham was even more unhappy with his appearance than before. He commented, “It looked like a toothbrush. It got to the point where the results of the surgery looked worse than having no surgery at all.”

In a desperate move, Graham turned to electrolysis to remove the unusual looking hair growth. The process removed the unwanted hair but left Graham with dimple-like indented scars which were highly visible across the top of his head, as can be seen in the picture above.

Dr Greg Williams Helps Graham Ryder By Sewing Over the Deep Scars Left By His Hair Transplant

Dr Greg Williams Helps Graham Ryder By Sewing Over the Deep Scars

Seeking extra treatment

He has now turned to respected surgeon Dr Greg Williams, one of The Belgravia Centre’s hair transplant partners, for help. Dr. Williams has recommended a series of surgeries over the next two years to remove the deep scars and stitch them over. However, he has warned Graham that he will never be able to remove the scars completely.

If you want to prevent baldness, try not to put off getting professional help as an early diagnosis will give you the best chance of seeing successful regrowth from treatment. Contact a hair loss specialist as soon as possible to receive personalised expert advice and recommendations for a bespoke hair loss treatment plan to suit your specific needs whether you are seeking assistance for the first time, or whether you are interested in post-transplant hair upkeep.

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