fbpx Man Arrested for Glueing His Own Hair to a Bald Man’s Head
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Man Arrested for Glueing His Own Hair to a Bald Man’s Head


A man in Norway has been arrested for a rather unusual offence – gluing a wig of his own hair onto another man’s head.

Man Arrested for Gluing His Own Hair to Another Man's HeadThe man, from Hordaland, Norway, created a homemade toupée from his own hair and beard then attempted to glue it to the head of the victim using instant adhesives. When asked about his motives for creating the wig and attempting to attach it, the man says that as the victim was bald, they had agreed together that he would make him a toupée.

A string of “hair raising” offences

Lawyers say this is the first time they have encountered such an action and although it is an unusual crime, it seems the incident was part of a long string of other offences by the same man. Although he claims that the act of gluing on the toupee was consensual, this seems unlikely as the victim had already taken out a restraining order against the man in question. In addition to the wig-related crime, the man was also accused of a number of burglaries and thefts.

Wearing a wig to cover baldnessWigs and Toupees

Although in this case the wig was unwanted, many men do resort to wigs, toupées and hairpieces to cover hair loss.

Tennis player Andre Agassi famously wore a wig to cover his thinning hair, while former Formula 1 boss Eddie Jordan reportedly wears three wigs. But although wigs can offer an immediate solution to cover up a lack of hair, the underlying cause of the hair loss remains.

An alternative to wigs

Belgravia MinoxidilWigs are often uncomfortable and can look unrealistic, as well as only offering a temporary solution for covering up signs of hair loss.

If you are considering investing in a wig or toupée you may find it worthwhile to investigate the alternatives first. Consider consulting with a hair loss specialist who can diagnose the cause of your hair fall and discuss your options with you.

Baldness can be a result of various hair loss conditions, including Male Pattern Baldness and Alopecia Areata – and an expert will be able to recommend a personalised course of hair loss treatment to encourage regrowth so you don’t have to worry on windy days!


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