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Male Hair Loss and Heart Disease

Some time ago researchers discovered an apparent link between male hair loss and heart disease. Following in depth analysis of six studies testing this link, scientists now believe that hair loss can indeed be an early, visible indicator that all may not be well with a man’s heart.Heart Disease and Hair Loss

The studies revealed that men who lost hair from the crown of their heads were at a significantly increased risk of hair loss compared to those who were affected by a receding hairline, or who had no hair loss at all.

Exactly how hair loss is linked to heart disease is unclear, but the research team suggested that crown thinning could indicate “diabetes, chronic inflammation or increased sensitivity to testosterone”, all of which are known increase the risk of heart disease.

Expert advice

Signs of hair loss should spur affected men into action. It is extremely important for any man to seek professional advice if he suspects hair loss. Men losing hair at the top of the head should visit a hair loss expert early to receive an accurate diagnosis and customised treatment plan, if appropriate.

Most men who lose their hair will not have anything else to worry about, because they are quite simply genetically predisposed to baldness. However, if there are grounds to suspect an underlying medical condition such as heart disease, then professional health advice should of course be sought as a matter of urgency.

Hair loss treatment

A personalised hair loss treatment plan will usually involve proven medications, but it will also incorporate several lifestyle changes to help reduce or reverse hair loss. Upping your exercise levels will help improve your circulation, ensuring a healthy flow of blood and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles. If your circulation is impaired in any way, your body’s cells will not receive the vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth.

You may also need to adjust your diet to ensure that your body is getting the correct levels of key nutrients for proper cell growth. Zinc, iron and vitamins C and A are all essential to hair growth, so your diet must include foods that contain plenty of these.

Losing hair? Don’t panic

It is extremely important to remember that losing hair is not a guaranteed indicator of heart disease. Many men experience vertex thinning (losing hair at the top of their head) without ever developing heart disease.

Signs of hair loss should, however, encourage you to consider your current lifestyle and how it may be improved to optimise the overall health of your hair.

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