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Magic And The Humble Hair


Although it is merely a natural substance composed of keratin, throughout the ages hair has been believed by many to hold special, magical powers. Whether it’s in tales of sorcery from years gone by or storybooks for modern audiences, hair has been attributed with a variety of benefits. Here, we look at some of the most weird and wonderful theories about the magic of hair.

Follicular Folklore

In folklore, there are many traditions concerning the magical uses of hair in various spells. An old custom from Lancashire teaches that, if a clump of a person’s hair burns brightly, then they will live a long time. Another ancient idea, this time from Scotland, teaches that un-braided hair causes sea storms; so keeping your hair tied up tightly was seen as a way of preventing disaster. Cutting your hair when the moon is waxing (moving towards a full moon!) will apparently bring you good luck, but if magpies steal that hair to use in their nests, you are doomed to die within a year.

According to some, by plucking some hair from the head of someone else – usually an enemy – and using it in the manufacture of a poppet, or magical doll, you would be able to use the poppet to control that person. This is a manifestation of what folklorist Sir James Frazer called “the principle of contagion” – wherein it is believed that you can use a piece of something to manipulate the thing itself.

The Strange Case Of Mario Zarza Manresa

However, these theories aren’t just limited to days gone by – the kidnappers of a certain Dr Mario Zarza Manresa applied a similar principle in 2010. The Spanish national was taken by a band of Congolese rebels, led by a mysterious man named Ibraham. According to newspaper reports, Ibrahim, like many local people, believed that the hair of white people had magical powers, and that the strands could turn bullets into water when worn into battle. As a result, Dr Manresa was abducted, and all his body hair was shaved off, to be made into protective amulets.

Hair At Hogwarts

Hair related magic exists in contemporary stories as well: in the world of Harry Potter, there exists a curse that causes a person’s hair to fall out. By gesturing at your enemy, and chanting Calvorio! – presumably from the Latin for a bald pate, calvus – baldness will result!

Treating Hair Loss – Just Like That!

If you’re experiencing symptoms of hair loss (from a wizarding spell, or otherwise!) help is available. If you have no magic to hand, you can rely upon the tried and tested remedies that our experts will incorporate into a bespoke hair loss treatment plan, designed according to your specific goals and needs. Sadly, there exists no miracle cure for hair loss, but if you catch your symptoms soon and come to us for treatment, the results can be as impressive as any spell.

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