Macmillan Launches ‘Shave or Style’ Campaign

The ‘Shave or Style’ campaign was launched by Macmillan Cancer Support this week to raise money for people who have experienced hair loss as a result of cancer treatment. Until 25th July, participants are encouraged to ‘Brave the Shave’ or become a ‘Super Styler’ in support of the charity.

Macmillan Launches 'Shave or Style' Charity Campaign'Brave Shavers'

People choosing to ‘Brave the Shave’ are asked to seek sponsorship from family and friends before undergoing a complete head shave. This bold personal statement will then allow ‘shavers’ to stand alongside cancer sufferers who often lose hair as a result of their treatment.
Macmillan are asking shavers to register on their website, share a few details of their story and keep them updated of their progress. The Macmillan website has a list of all the shavers along with details of how much they hope to raise, and how close they are to their target.
Just two days into Shave or Style week, some ‘Brave Shavers’ have already raised more than double what they had hoped, for cancer patients and their families.

'Super Stylers'

‘Super Stylers’ on the other hand are being encouraged to get involved without taking quite such a drastic step. Stylers are encouraged to try out a brand new hair-do, share a picture of the new cut on their social networking profiles and to make a donation to Macmillan themselves.
Macmillan also has an online gallery for would-be Super Stylers, providing some inspiration for their next ‘do. Pictures of those who have already been to the salon can be viewed on Macmillan’s Twitter or Facebook feeds.
It’s also possible to get involved in ‘Shave or Style’ week without losing any hair: simply text STYLE to 70550 to donate £3.

Other charities benefit too

Although Macmillan service users are the headline beneficiaries of ‘Shave or Style’ week, other charities are also getting involved.
Little Princess Trust (one of The Belgravia Centre’s chosen charities) is asking brave shavers to donate the hair they shed to make much-needed wigs for children affected by hair loss.
Little Princess Trust makes and distributes over a thousand real hair wigs to children every year. These children have often lost hair as a result of undergoing treatment for cancer the new wigs then help to restore some of their self-esteem and confidence.
The Belgravia Centre would like to wish all Brave Shavers and Super Stylers well, and would encourage all participants to donate as much hair as possible to Little Princess Trust.

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