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‘Losing Hair on Top But Not Like Male Pattern Baldness’

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Name: Kutub

Question: I have lost alot on the top of my head, but it’s not like the usual male pattern baldness. There is still hair remaining on top and won’t fall off even when rubbing the areas with hair. Would I need to use minoxidil throughout my life of hair regrowth.

Thinning on TopAnswer: Hi, Kutub. Despite what you say, your thinning sounds very much like male pattern baldness – and it is a good thing that your hair doesn’t fall out when you rub it!

Unlike other hair loss conditions, hereditary baldness is the only kind which specifically targets areas around the top of the head only. Others, such as telogen effluvium, may cause thinning around the top of the head, but will not be limited to this area – the shedding will also occur all over the scalp.

As you say you are losing a lot of hair from the top of your head, this does sound like general thinning on top caused by male hair loss. You can find numerous examples of other men with this condition and specific pattern of shedding, photographed before and after starting treatment with Belgravia, in our Male Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories.

Due to the miniaturisation process, in which DHT thins away hair in those with a genetic sensitivity to this hormone byproduct, you do not go straight from having hair to being bald. It is a gradual process, which can be quicker in some than others, which explains why you still have some hair on top.

The fact that you do still have hair growth along your vertex shows that your follicles are still active so, assuming you are designated suitable, male hair loss treatment should still be capable of helping you to promote regrowth and prevent further shedding.

As genetic hair loss is a permanent and progressive condition, you would need to use the recommended treatments – usually minoxidil and finasteride 1mg – on an on-going basis, or at least until you felt more comfortable with losing your hair. Once you stop following your treatment course the DHT will resume attacking the hair follicles and, without the necessary treatment to inhibit it, the balding process will continue.

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