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Looking After the Planet Can Help Reduce Hair Loss


Prince Charles has called on people to look after the environment – not just for the sake of the sake of the planet, but for our own health as well. The environmental factors which the prince seeks to address (pollution, radiation, herbicides and more) have all been linked to hair loss.

Air pollution and human health

Prince of Wales Gives Speech on Saving The Environment Being Good For Our HealthDelivering his keynote address to the Royal Society in London, the Prince of Wales outlined his argument for reducing greenhouse gases. “Reductions in air pollution also result in separate and additional benefits to human health,” the Prince explained.

Amongst those benefits, reduced air pollution from traffic and industrial sources could help prevent hair loss. Research has shown that toxins and carcinogens in polluted air can upset bodily protein-production processes which boost hair growth, and that those living in lower pollution-index areas are therefore less at risk of developing certain hair loss conditions.

Chemicals from industrial waste can also cause environmental hair loss: Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and heavy metals in the ground can cause those living on the land to develop conditions such as environmentally-triggered Alopecia Areata – an autoimmune condition which presents as sudden, patchy hair loss of the scalp. Prince Charles’ general clean-up call aims at eliminating these chemicals as well.

Healthier lifestyles for the planet and our hair

Taking care of the planet could also help to fight hair loss by encouraging healthier lifestyles. “Taking a more active approach to transport by walking and cycling and adopting healthy diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also reduce rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer and more,” Charles said.

Cycling can help reduce environmental damage and health issuesA healthy diet and more exercise lead to better circulation and higher vitamin and nutrient levels, all of which are essential for hair health. Smoking, which pollutes air in the home, is also clearly linked to hair loss, as it adds toxins to the bloodstream and restricts circulation – giving up smoking is key to a healthier life for the planet and your hair. If you are concerned by signs of hair loss, for any reason, you can seek advice and a professional diagnosis from a hair loss specialist.

As for the environment, we must hope that a solution for treating the planet’s problems will emerge, and bring benefits for all. The Prince of Wales concluded: “We can only pray that our sick planetary patient might be placed on a road to recovery, in the process bringing gains for human well-being.”

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