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London 2012 Olympics Inspires More Hair Craziness


Kelly McKee Maple Leaf Hair The Belgravia CentrePreviously we noted the efforts of a barber from Cheshunt, and his efforts to have his extreme hair styles featured in some form of official Olympic coverage. News has now reached us of a similar effort from the other side of the Atlantic.

Canadian schoolboy Kelly McKee has shown his support for his national Olympic team by having a maple leaf motif shaved into the very top of his head. Aged just ten years old, McKee wanted something out of the ordinary to demonstrate his national pride, and settled on an eye-catching hairstyle.

With the assistance of his father, McKee downloaded a suitable image from the internet which he used to create a stencil. They then traced the picture onto Kelly’s head before trimming the hair with clippers.  Once the maple leaf had been executed successfully, Kelly went on to have the words ‘Go Canada’ cut carefully into the hair at the back of his head.

We hope Kelly’s efforts don’t bring his national team too much luck, especially when coming up against Great Britain!

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