Lizard Haircut Raises Money For 'Shave or Style'

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A bathroom fitter from Enfield has been seen sporting a lizard haircut as he goes about his work but there's a reason behind the hair-brained idea.

A worthy cause

Leigh Smith, 33, decided to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support after losing members of his family and a close friend's father to cancer. To date, he has raised almost £200 for the 'Shave or Style' campaign with his quirky lizard haircut and is still taking donations via his Shave or Style page. The style, which took hairdresser Amy Fisher two hours to complete, certainly ensures that Leigh will stand out in a crowd!Leigh Smith Shows Off his Fundraising Lizard Haircut

Amy, who works at The Groom Room, said it was the most unusual style she had ever worked on, and commented, “It's totally different to the normal cuts that I do and it was quite fun.” However, she doubts she will ever complete another lizard cut again this was a one-off!

Reptilian inspiration

The shaved style, which features a Mohawk centre for the lizard's body and shaved sideburns and back section in the shape of a lizard's feet, has attracted the attention of local media. It's this unusual choice of style which has undoubtedly helped Leigh to raise so much money for the charity.

Imaginative haircuts

The Shave or Style campaign, which ran from 19 25 July 2014, encouraged supporters across the country to 'Brave the Shave' by shaving off all their hair for Macmillan Cancer Support or take a less drastic step by becoming a 'Super Styler' and showing off a brand new hairstyle to raise money. Shavers created profiles on the charity's website and raised as much money as possible before finally taking the plunge, with styling inspiration available on the Macmillan Cancer Support website for anyone needing some help.

Other supporters who shaved their head in support of loved ones who had suffered from cancer included 54 year old Nina Jaggers from Harlow. Nina shaved off all her hair to reveal her bald pate in aid of the campaign, after watching her friend, Amanda Connor, battle cancer.

Joining forces

One of our chosen hair loss charities, the Little Princess Trust joined forces with Macmillan Cancer Support so that brave shavers and super-stylers could donate their hair to the Trust, allowing real-hair wigs to be made for girls and boys who have suffered hair loss due to cancer.

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Posted by Belgravia Centre Writer

In this article: Hair Loss