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Singer, song writer and actor Jon Bon Jovi is perhaps best known for his trademark stadium rock anthems and his big bouffant of hair. However, recent pictures suggest that the king of hair rock may be about to lose his crown.

Photographed strolling around New York with his wife Dorothea Hurley, the front man was showing clear signs of a receding hairline, with particularly noticeable thinning around the temples.

Having turned 50 earlier this year, like most men his age Bon Jovi stands a one-in-two chance of experiencing hair loss and with the recent news of his daughter Stephanie Bongiovi's heroin overdose, the resulting stress could be accelerating the problem - but is there anything he can do to prevent it?

Has Jon Bon’s Hair “Runaway” Permanently?

The pressures of a hectic schedule touring with one of the world’s biggest bands could be the recipe for hair loss caused by a stress-related condition. However, judging by the photographs printed by the Daily Mail, the veteran rocker appears to be experiencing a classic case of Male Pattern Baldness rather than Telogen Effluvium or other conditions caused by stress.

“Living On A Prayer” The Only Solution To Hair Loss?

So is Male Pattern Baldness completely irreversible? Hair transplant operations have been garnering a lot of media attention of late, but Bon Jovi has already ruled out such procedures for himself.

Fortunately for the music legend and anyone else affected by Androgenic Alopecia (the proper name for male pattern hair loss), there are effective alternatives to surgery that have been shown to promote natural hair regrowth.

Here at The Belgravia Centre we successfully treat thousands of men and women every year who are experiencing hair loss caused by Androgenic Alopecia. Every client receives their own custom treatment plan tailored to their specific hair loss condition and pattern of hair loss. The Belgravia Pharmacy produces and prescribes specialist formulations of clinically proven medications in addition to hair growth boosters that result in the very best results for hair regrowth.

"Have a Nice Day"

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