Liverpool Manager Jürgen Klopp Talks About his Hair Transplant

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As a result of what's known as 'the Rooney Effect', men seem to be talking far more openly about hair loss and restoration surgery, rather than dodging the issue.

Footballers Anthony Stokes (Celtic) and former England player Michael Gray, as well as - most famously - the aforementioned Wayne Rooney, are among the many celebrity sportsmen who have refused to lie low while their scalps were healing following hair transplant surgery; Liverpool’s new manager Jürgen Klopp is another who didn't flinch when journalists tackled him on his changing hairline two years ago.

Yes, it’s true. I underwent a hair transplant,” he told reporters. “And I think the results are really cool, don’t you?

Hair transplant in GermanyJurgen Klopp

The 48-year-old former Mainz 05 star has enjoyed an illustrious career as a manager over the past 14 years and joins the iconic Merseyside team following a long spell in charge of Borussia Dortmund. A hair transplant procedure to address his receding hairline was performed by Dr Malte Villnow - whose other clients include US actor Ted Danson and whose clinic is set within the grounds of a 5-star German hotel, in 2012.

According to reports in the German press, the man most likely to give Jose Mourinho a run for his money in the outspoken stakes, suddenly took to wearing a cap at the end of 2012 before revealing his new 'sassy short haircut' during a friendly match in Cologne the following January. When asked about his new look, reports Klopp simply retorted, "Have I cut it? You can see it."

Before and after pictures of Klopp suggest his treatment was designed to give him a lower and fuller hairline one more in-keeping with how the player would likely have looked in his early twenties.

Importance of aftercare

While it’s difficult to tell for sure from more recent photographs if Klopp's transplant continues to impress, it does appear that his hair might recently have thinned out again somewhat. Obviously we can’t state that this is certainly the case, it is nonetheless a reminder that hair transplants, which often cost upwards of £5,000, aren’t necessarily a once-only affair. Many people, including Manchester United star Wayne Rooney and TV personality Calum Best, have had to undergo two or three hair transplant operations, spanning several years, to achieve the results they wanted.

Male Hair Loss TreatmentThe reason is that Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is unlikely to be completely eradicated by surgery. Generally a transplant will be carried out on a specific area - such as the hairline - but the DHT which causes thinning in those affected by MPB will continue to attack the follicles at the top of the head which were not replaced during surgery. This may lead to the hair shedding around the transplanted area which can leave an unnatural-looking pattern of hair loss with an 'island' of thicker hair where the transplant was done.

Another factor Klopp may want to consider is stress a known accelerator of several hair loss conditions, including MPB. Obviously Premier League football management is a mentally draining task for anyone, but taking on a club with a heritage and following as strong as Liverpool's means Klopp’s new job may be particularly stressful.

With this in mind, Klopp would be well advised to keep up a hair maintenance plan featuring clinically-proven male hair loss treatments. This is something many surgeons as well as hair loss specialists advise as part of the on-going aftercare needed to maintain results from hair restoration procedures. It is also recommended that a treatment course is followed for at least six months prior to a hair transplant in order to stabilise shedding, however the regrowth results from treatment alone can often be enough to satisfy some men who decide they no longer need the operation.

There are multiple options when it comes to treatment for hair loss, and a one-size-fits-all approach is not recommended. The best course of action for thinning hair of any kind is a visit to a hair loss specialist so that a professional diagnosis can be made and a personalised treatment plan devised to maximise chances of stopping further shedding and encouraging regrowth.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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