Lindsay Lohan's Hair Problems

Lindsay Lohan's latest extensions are more damaging to hair

What’s with all that hair? I mean, we’d all love to have long, luscious locks but we know the damage of hair extensions and aren’t about to reach for them just to get bum-length hair. After everything Lindsay’s subjected her hair to, she should definitely know better.

Ms. Lohan’s hair has always been a source of enviable attraction but she puts it through the wringer quite a bit and inevitably ends up with some degree of hair loss.

Many lifestyle choices can have a significant effect on our hair growth and when Li-Lo’s eating disorder spiralled out of control in 2004, the damage was clearly affecting more than just her waistline. Her hair wasn’t getting the vital nutrients for hair growth it needed and we definitely saw the effects as her normally gorgeous, bouncy hair was limp, lifeless and thinning.

Women's hair loss is often overlooked as normal because a myriad of factors can influence the hair growth cycle, but the psychological effects are hard-hitting and thinning hair can result in anxiety, social withdrawal and depression.

Eating disorders affect every part of your body - including hair growth The Mean Girls starlet has had bouts of depression ever since… well, can anyone remember? And stress and depression can have a vicious cycle effect on hair growth. Stress affects hormone levels and this can wreak havoc of our locks, resulting in telogen effluvium or even female pattern hair loss.

Hair loss in women is quite common but there is still a lot of societal anxiety and women are often hesitant to seek professional treatment for hair loss. Much of the time they’ll resort to weaves or hair extensions to cover the problem in the hope it will rectify itself soon enough - little do they know the extent of hair styling’s effect on hair growth.

So far Lindsay’s been lucky that her hair loss isn’t permanent but then again, what would we know. According to one insider who spoke with Star Magazine, Li-Lo “is hiding her over-processed hair” and that “the beautiful, shiny hair you see is not her own.”

If you’re lifestyle or styling habits are affecting your hair growth, don’t hide behind wigs or extensions. You may need medical treatments to control and reverse the effects and aid healthy hair re-growth. Contact the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or fill in the online hair loss diagnostic form for expert advice, care and treatment from anywhere in the world.

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