Lily Allen is Saying No to Hair Dye

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Lily Allen in blonde wig

Most girls would agree that a lighter shade is the way forward during the summer months, but it looks as though the bottle blonde look is out. Lilly Allen was seen sporting a blonde wig not too long ago and if you’re partial to the platinum look, you might want to follow the Smile singer’s lead and opt for the healthier choice when it comes to changing your tresses.

Lily’s never been one to fear the wrath of chemicals - she smokes like a chimney and changes her hair colour as often as she changes clothes. She’s experimented with the platinum blonde look before and who could forget the outlandish pink mane she sported this time last year. However, over-colouring can wreak havoc on your tresses, greatly affecting their quality and lead to thinning hair. With everything Lily’s put her hair through previously, it’s high time she jumped on the band wagon and adopted the ever-popular-with-the-celebrities wig instead.

Lily Allen's changing hair stylesOver-processed and heavily styled hair often leads to dull, damaged locks, which is why most Hollywood stars are now turning their heads to hair systems. Unlike hair dye, wigs don’t require you to penetrate your tresses with pigment-stripping chemicals, and unlike hair extensions, hairpieces won’t pull your hair out at the root.

Lily’s blunt fringed, shiny blonde look seemed like a welcome flavour for the summer months but it would seem she’s partial to purple as well. Lily was sporting a different hair colour and wearing a white glove as a tribute to Michael Jackson at Glastonbury, and now the 23-year-old is back to her roots with a brunette style. It seems Lily will continue to experiment with her hair but perhaps now in a healthier and more temporary way. 

Lily Allen in purple wig at GlastonburyChristina Aguilera and Joss Stone can attest to the harm of hair dye and both Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Aniston know the damage of hair extensions. Hair dye affects the strength and quality of the hair which can lead to breakage and often results in the appearance of thinning hair. Likewise, the extensions can impart so much stress on the hair follicles they can cause traction alopecia, resulting in a receding hairline or bald patches. There are hair loss treatments that can help repair this type of damage but prevention is better than a cure.

If you have suffered the damage of over-styling, call the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 to consult a hair specialist, or email us for more information about what can be done. If you can’t make it to the centre, you can still take advantage of the online diagnostic form which will allow our expert to make personal recommendations for you.

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Posted by Kate

In this article: Hair Loss | Women's Hair Loss