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LaserComb Proves an Effective Hair Loss Treatment

Laser therapy for hair regrowth is sure to be an idea that’s been toyed with by many a hair loss sufferer but is, of course, part of a long line of hair loss products and treatments promising a tried and true solution. As such, many are still unaware or unsure of its effectiveness in treating hair loss. Laser therapy or the HairMax LaserComb more specifically, is the most recent addition to the FDA’s approved or ‘cleared’ treatments for hair loss, following the well established Propecia and minoxidil medications.

Bear in mind that the LaserComb is the only proven laser product because of its method of action. The patented mechanism works by using combs to part the hair in order to prevent hair from blocking the light  from reaching the scalp. There are Many other forms of low-power laser therapy which are unproven because they do not penetrate the scalp as effectively.

HairMax LaserCombIn 2007 the FDA cleared the Laser Comb, declaring it a safe and effective device in promoting hair regrowth. This device is presently one of only three hair loss treatments approved by the FDA but stands out as the only proven drug-free alternative. This gives many hair loss sufferers, previously unable or unwilling to turn to drug-based solutions, new found hope in their battle.

Quite often, those who suffer from hairloss will accept their condition, shave off their remaining hair or wear some type of non-surgical hair replacement system. Others will take a more aggressive approach and go for the surgical hair transplant option.

Laser therapy, aside from being painless, is simple and cost effective. You have the option to perform the session yourself in the privacy of your own home and you’re able to visit a hair loss centre to receive booster clinical treatments. Using the HairMax LaserComb is easy and convenient, taking only 10 to 15 minutes three times per week and although it can be used as an individual treatment, Belgravia’s specialists always advise that you use one or more of the other medically proven treatments in order to achieve superior results.

The most important aspect of laser therapy is that it is completely safe, painless and aside from growing more hair, has minimal side effects. An extensive clinical study on the effectiveness of the LaserComb concluded that 93 percent of participants (who were aged 30 to 60) using the HairMax LaserComb had an increase in the number of terminal (thick) hairs and the average number of terminal hairs per square centimeter increased by 19 hairs/cm² over a six-month period. During the study, there were no reports of serious side effects and, interestingly, the number and types of side effects were similar in both the active and placebo groups.

Despite the laser therapy’s active role in hair regrowth, it is important to note that it will not singularly prevent baldness and stop thinning hair.

“The LaserComb doesn’t stop thinning,” Dr. Elena Dimitrova, hair and scalp care specialist at the Belgravia Centre said. “It will happen with medication but the laser on its own can only encourage hair growth and make the hair stronger.”

The LaserComb uses low-level laser light to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles and allow nutrients to be delivered to the cells. It also helps to divide the hair cells so as to enable the storage of adenosine three phosphate (ATP), a coenzyme responsible for intracellular energy transfer and known to stimulate living cells including the hair follicles.

“If the cells need energy, the stored ATP will be released and this is what is used to increase hair growth,” Dr. Dimitrova said.

Laser therapy for hair loss works Success of laser therapy differs from person to person, from voluminous to minimal results. The results will depend on how far advanced the occurrence of hair loss is and if a combination of effective treatment is being used. As male and female pattern baldness are progressive conditions, fast action to combat the advancement of hair loss is most likely to provide outstanding success when the right treatment is sought.

With everything we have subjected our hair to in the past in the quest for a full head of hair, it appears we finally have a solution or three. We have cut, coloured, washed, glued, sewn, implanted and pill-popped everything we could to create that perfect head of hair. Now, with the proven hair loss treatments we can stimulate our scalp to get the follicles back on track and start producing hair again.

 (Image courtesy of rolands.lakis at flickr)

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