Laser Hair Removal of Baby Hairs Has Caused Thinning Hair'

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Question: Hi, I have lost my hairline and have bad hair thinning at the sides, how could I treat it? I took viviscal tablets but it stimulated hair grown on my body which counteracted the effects of my laser hair removal. I have also done laser hair removal on my face to remove my baby hairs but as a result I don’t have a defined hairline and my hair has always been thin. What do you suggest?

How Laser Hair Removal Works How Laser Hair Removal Works on the Hair Follicles


Hi, Anna. Thinning temples are a classic sign of female pattern hair loss, but they can also signal a condition called traction alopecia so firstly we would need to establish the specific cause of your hair loss.

The primary treatment we would advise for women with thinning hair is high strength minoxidil which is available in a number of formulations from Belgravia's in-clinic pharmacies. The recommended preparation is applied directly to the affected areas each day to help stimulate regrowth. You can see the type of results our female clients have achieved by using treatment plans based around this key medication in our Women's Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories gallery.

One thing you should be aware of is that, as your hairline has been subjected to laser removal, regrowing a fully defined hairline may not be possible and any growth, if the follicles are still open to stimulation, may be very fine. If this is the case, once the cause of your thinning is under control, your hairdresser should be able to help you come up with a hairstyle, such as a fringe, that obscures your hairline. Whether or not your hairline will grow back properly depends on the how long-lasting the effects of your laser hair removal are.

If the laser hair removal was successful in destroying the hair follicles and causing permanent hair loss - known as cicatricial alopecia - then a hair transplant may be a consideration as treatments will not work where there are no surviving follicles. But, as you mention the effects of the laser therapies were reversed on your body, it may be the case that the laser treatment did not fully destroy the hair follicles around your hairline either. If this is the case then a hair loss specialist nurse will be able to provide you with a professional prognosis and a personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

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