Lady Gaga's Hair Trials Continue: Has Her Hair Loss Worsened?

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Lady Gaga is known for her crazy hairstyles just as much as her fabulous fashion sense, but pictured out on her way to a Los Angeles studio this week, the recording artist kept her mousy brown hair scraped up in a simple high ponytail, showing off her undercut. However, her locks looked particularly thin, with several noticeable thinning patches visible on her scalp.

So what could be behind Gaga's thinning hair? Her love of hair pieces and hair extensions could be one reason. Any attachments to your hair or tight hair styles can result over time in the condition traction alopecia, where the continual pressure on individual hair follicles can cause hair loss, and eventually may mean that hair cannot grow there any more.

Extensions: A Bad Romance

If Gaga is experiencing traction alopecia, her not wearing extensions is certainly the first step to recovery. If her hair fails to return to its previous thickness, she could potentially use a high strength minoxidil cream to stimulate regrowth. Minoxidil is the only hair loss medication for women that has been licensed for use by the MHRA and approved by the FDA, the UK and US medical regulatory bodies respectively.

It's also possible that stress from her recent illness and hip surgery could have resulted in hair loss due to telogen effluvium. Even though her hip procedure was some months ago, hair loss due to telogen effluvium usually occurs around three months after the precipitating event, on account of hairs remaining in the resting phase for this amount of time before falling out. If Gaga is indeed going through hair loss due to telogen effluvium, the hair should grow back to its original density in the upcoming months.

Regaining Popstar Locks

However, if Gaga is keen to regrow her hair as quickly as possible, a hair loss treatment plan that includes minoxidil can certainly help. Belgravia produces minoxidil in a variety of strengths, enabling a hair loss specialist to select the ideal formulation for your exact needs. We also include certain added ingredients with the minoxidil, for instance azelaic acid, that appear to block DHT, the hormone that causes pattern hair loss in those with a genetic predisposition.

It has also been noted by the singer in the past that she has 'borderline lupus,' an autoimmune disorder that can cause hair loss, and which cannot be treated. It may also be that her busy schedule is preventing Gaga from eating a balanced diet, and a lack of essential nutrients for hair growth can result in diffuse thinning.

So, Gaga would be well advised to give her hair as much of a break from extensions as possible, and also ensure that she's eating a healthy diet full of good protein to help her hair. If her hair is still looking thin, a hair loss treatment programme that includes minoxidil along with a variety of treatment boosters such as tailored nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics will give her the best chance of regrowing a healthy head of hair.

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