Kyran Bracken’s Hair Transplant Woes

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Speaking with The Daily Mail newspaper this week, former rugby star Kyran Bracken has discussed the less-than-perfect results of his hair transplant operation which has left him with patchy baldness similar to that for which he originally sought treatment. The 2007 Dancing on Ice star first noticed the signs of male pattern balding in his early twenties and, determined to avoid the thinning hairline to which his father succumbed, sought out a surgical solution.

Apart from experiencing normal scarring on the back of his scalp where the healthy hair was taken for transplantation, Bracken found that within a few weeks of the operation the new hair fell out. This is a relatively common side-effect of the procedure, and the newly transplanted hair follicles should resume normal growth shortly afterwards.

Twelve months later Bracken noticed another problem. The hair surrounding the newly implanted follicles had resumed thinning, creating new bald patches in the ‘old’ hair.

Bracken is not alone

Bracken is not alone in having on-going problems with hair loss following his transplant. Some patients report extreme reactions to the procedure where their hair goes into ‘shock’ and falls out. This shock can affect both the newly implanted hair and the remaining hairline, leaving the patient feeling even worse than before.

Leonora Doclis, one of The Belgravia Centre’s senior hair loss experts said: “Hair transplantation can do wonders particularly on a receding hair line but one must then regrowth treatments to retain the 'old' hair, around the transplant.”

Regarding Bracken, Doclis went on to say: “Perhaps Kyran did not use any preventative treatments, hence he noticed bald patches a few years after his transplant procedure. A number of hair loss treatments and hair growth boosters are highly successful in preventing further hair loss and in the majority of cases, stimulating hair regrowth.”

Preventative hair loss treatment without surgery

These hair loss treatments are also effective before undergoing surgery and in most cases can halt further shedding and promote regrowth. Combined with one of The Belgravia Centre’s unique, personalised treatment plans, many men and women experiencing pattern balding can regrow lost hair without having to submit to the surgeon’s knife.

Said Doclis: “Using treatment at the onset, or early stages of balding boosts your chance of regrowth. For this reason, it is often better to be proactive by treating hair loss earlier rather than letting hair loss reach an advanced stage.” The Belgravia Centre therefore advises men and women to seek professional advice as soon as they notice a receding hairline or thinning crown as Kyran Bracken did in his twenties.

To find out more about the favourable results of our non-surgical hair regrowth techniques, please have a look at our patient success stories archive which documents the positive experiences of hundreds of our patients, displaying photos and comments. We invite you to call The Belgravia Centre on 0800 077 6666 or message the centre to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our hair loss experts we look forward to speaking with you! If you’re not local to our London hair loss clinic, you can fill out our online diagnostic form for a hair loss treatment programme that we can post to you anywhere in the world.

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