Kylie’s Stylist Reveals Use of Hair Extensions

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Pop star turned talent show judge Kylie Minogue has defied time to retain her youthful look. However one of her stylists on BBC One’s ‘The Voice’ has broken rank to reveal that Kylie uses specialist ‘fine hair extensions’ to give her own hair added volume and bounce.

Multiple extensions for maximum flexibility

The ‘fine hair extensions’ are so small that they are barely visible to the naked eye. They are gaining popularity with women because they do not damage the wearer’s own hair. Better still, these particular extensions only need to be applied every 12 weeks, reducing visits to the stylist.
Lucinda Ellery, who styled Kylie’s hair for the BBC talent show, claims that the Australian singer relies on clip-in type extensions to allow for easy re-styling of her hair. Because these extensions are temporary, a complete change of hairstyle can be achieved quickly and relatively easily.

Tension on the hair shafts

Because micro extensions do not damage the wearer’s existing hair, to many women they may seem like the answer to providing additional hair volume they lack naturally. But just like any other form of hair extension, this new style still presents a potential risk to their scalp, from which new hair needs to grow, if it is overused.
High profile celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Katie Price appear to have encountered hair loss issues due to their reliance on hair extensions, leading to a condition known as Traction Alopecia, which is caused by the additional weight of hair extensions placing the hair shafts in the scalp under tension. Over time the follicles stretch out of shape to the point that the attached hair falls out and future growth is prevented. Because extensions are attached in patches, Traction Alopecia also tends to manifest in patchy hair loss.

Stick to temporary extensions

The use of 12-week hair extensions holds an understandable appeal for women looking to reduce the amount of time they spend at the hairdressers. However, wearing hair extensions for 3 months and then immediately having them refitted places their natural hair at risk.
It is far better to adopt Kylie’s alternative approach of using temporary extensions as and when required. It is very important to give your scalp a chance to recover by taking a break of days or weeks between fittings. Hopefully Ms Minogue’s style team is providing her with the advice she needs to protect her hair in the long run.

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