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Kobren and Stevenson Launch ‘Bald Truth UK’ Radio Show


Spencer Kobren, The Bald Truth

Spencer Kobren runs the world’s most popular hair loss radio show, ‘The Bald Truth’

Spencer Stevenson (Spex), a very well known hair loss and hair transplant mentor recently went to Los Angeles where he was filmed as part of a UK Documentary Pilot on hair loss and hair transplants. Also involved in the documentary is the Founder of the IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration surgeons), Spencer Kobren. Kobren runs and hosts the internationally syndicated live Radio show called “The Bald Truth” which has been running in the US for over 14 years.

According to Spencer, there is an ever growing interest and demand from UK listeners who find it difficult to tune in live to the show due to the time differences. For this reason, Kobren has decided to launch a new separate Radio show, ‘Bald Truth UK’, that he is setting up for UK/European listeners and he has asked Spex to co-host the show. The show intends to launch on Tuesday 4th December at 7pm GMT and run weekly at the same time every Tuesday night.

Spencer is planning for the show to reach large numbers of UK/European listeners and will provide them a great resource to tune into and get informed advice from Kobren and Spex. Spencer Kobren is confident the listenership for the UK show will be very high, especially given Spex’s involvement and reputation in the UK. You are able to watch the show live on Tuesday night at TheBaldTruth.

By combining their ‘Spencer’ forces their aim is to make the UK show as popular as it is in the US and reach out to as many UK hair loss sufferers as possible. This new show is solely going to be produced for UK/European listeners due to the time differences and difficulty around listening to the existing live show which goes out every week at 5pm PST.

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