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Klinsmann Breaks USA’s ‘Tradition’ of Bald Goalkeepers

The new United States men’s football team and team manager Jurgen Klinsmann turned a few heads recently by naming a team that is free from balding goalkeepers.

USA’s history of bald goalkeepers

USA Swaps Bald Goalkeepers for Players With Hair

Team USA Ditches Balding Goalkeepers
(Left hand column, top to bottom)
Nick Rimando, Cody Cropper, William Yarbrough
OUT: (Right hand column, top to bottom)
Brad Friedel, Kasey Keller, Tim Howard

The new crop of goalkeepers called up for international duty – Nick Rimando, Cody Cropper and William Yarbrough – all have a full head of hair. Yet historically, the American side has always featured goalkeepers who were either completely bald or showing clear signs of Male Pattern Baldness.

The move has led commentators to jokingly suggest that the best US goalkeepers all shared a common trait – baldness.

Previous goalkeepers, Spurs’ Brad Friedel, Kasey Keller and Everton’s Tim Howard were all successful in their positions as US goalies, and they all experienced significant male hair loss.

Prominent bald sportsmen

It is not just US goalkeepers who are famously bald; many professional sportsmen have experienced hair loss.

Tennis player Andre Agassi lost his trademark mullet, footballer Wayne Rooney famously had hair transplant surgeries to address his premature balding, as did cricketer Shane Warne. Top NBA basketball player LeBron James has even had his receding hairline, and its recent resurgence, tracked season-to-season by the league’s top-selling video game!

With so many sportsmen losing their hair, it is fair to wonder whether playing sports, particularly at such a high level, has any influence on baldness. Although professional athletes tend to be put under intense pressure and it is well-documented that stress can cause hair loss and exacerbate the genetic condition, it can also affect anyone with a pre-determined propensity, sporty or not. This is because Male Pattern Baldness is an hereditary hair loss condition that is passed down through families. It is the most common hair loss condition and affects around 30% of 30 year old men and 50% of men over 50.

Keeping hair loss at bay

Whilst they may have performed well between the sticks, the former US goalies may have benefited from a bit of help in keeping hair loss at bay. It is possible to treat Male Pattern Baldness but there are only two products – minoxidil and finasteride 1mg – that have been medically-proven to be effective in tackling genetic hair loss.

If you are experiencing increased levels of shedding or are interested in finding out how to prevent hair loss, it is best to speak to an expert. A hair loss specialist will be able to identify the cause of your hair fall, and recommend an appropriate treatment programme, whether you are looking to restore your hair or prevent those tell-tale signs from appearing. They will also be able to provide hair loss advice, answering any questions you may have, and will support you throughout your restorative hair regime.

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