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Kiwi Men Fear Hair Loss!

A recent survey has found that the top three concerns about their looks for New Zealand men are getting fat, going bald and developing dandruff. 26% of those surveyed said they were anxious about losing their hair, while 47% of Kiwi women thought men with a full head of hair were generally more attractive.

hakaAuckland psychologist Sara Chatwin says having hair is closely aligned with many masculine characteristics so when men lose their hair, their self-esteem often plummets.

“Many men define themselves by the way they wear their hair. This may be due to traditional beliefs that suggest hair is associated with virility, social status, strength and youth,” says Chatwin. “When their hair diminishes or gets dandruff men may feel less virile, weak, older and generally less attractive.”

“These days men are taking more time to look after their personal grooming habits and hair maintenance is part of that package,” she says.

That certainly seems to be true of men around the globe nowadays. Here at the Belgravia Centre we see men from a wide range of nationalities, backgrounds and cultures who are losing their hair and feel that their appearance would benefit from addressing this issue, which generally gets worse the longer it is neglected.

baldheadBelgravia’s hair loss treatment courses are based around primary medications that are clinically proven to stabilise hair loss and promote regrowth. Propecia and Minoxidil are both licensed by the MHRA, and FDA approved, so there is robust evidence that they are effective and safe. No other products carry these same assurances, or are legally allowed to make claims of hair regrowth. You can check out some of our patient success stories photos to see the kind of results that so many Belgravia treatment course users achieve.

There’s more good news for men who are worried about hair loss, no matter where you are in the world: the Belgravia Centre offers home use hair treatment courses tailored to suit your individual needs. Just complete the online diagnostic form and one of our treatment advisors will contact you. Alternatively, if you are able to visit the London clinic, you can call 020 7730 6666 to book a free consultation with one of our specialists, or send us a message. Wherever you live, and whatever your needs, Belgravia will be able to help.

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