Kit Harington's Game of Thrones Hair Loss Contract for Jon Snow Role

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For anyone who has been diagnosed with Male Pattern Baldness or any other condition where thinning hair has become a part of everyday life, it can sometimes seem that any hair at all would be a good thing.

All of which can make the endless newspaper speculation about the lavish locks of actor Kit Harington Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow especially hard to stomach!

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of ThronesLush hair a theme

Hair has played a surprisingly big part in bringing the cult TV show's characters to life.

As we reported previously, several of the characters in Game Of Thrones were given hair in the TV production that was at loggerheads with their descriptions in George R.R. Martin’s books. Snow is not one of them, though his description in the novels goes no further than him having “dark hair”.

But his long, tousled hair - which has generated plenty of its own media coverage as men seek advice on how to recreate the Jon Snow hairstyle - has certainly helped to create an iconic look for the character. This - and, of course, ease of continuity - may explain the producers' insistence of a hair contract, forbidding Harington from cutting his hair or changing it in any way during filming.

Spoiler alert!

The internet has been rife with discussions about how Jon Snow was killed off in season five of the multi-award winning TV show, but some fans are refusing to believe that this really is the end for one of the series’ best-loved characters.

Kit Harington had to sign a hair contract for Game of ThronesNow, according to, a petition has sprung up online urging British actor Harington to shave off his character’s trademark tresses so that the fans can have “closure”. If the producers really do have no intention of bringing him back, they argue, then he can finally get rid of the hairstyle that he has apparently been contractually committed to for several years.

It must be pointed out, however, that Harington did have his hair cut back in 2014 when his filming commitments for season five had finished. Hair-watchers point out, though, that the hairstyle was “inconclusive”, and certainly not short enough to rule out the idea of a comeback. Hence the petition for him to shave his head this time.

So far the actor has not responded but Mashable reports that having been spotted at Wimbledon with his long hair still intact, Harington has - at least for now - given hope to GoT fans.

Hair contracts and hair loss

Hair-related contracts are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the USA. Hair dye fan Kelly Osbourne confirmed she had to stick to her current lavender shade due to a clause in her Fashion Police contract, whilst American football player, Troy Polamalu had hair insurance taken out by his sponsors to protect his mega-mane.

Male Hair Loss TreatmentBut how can hair contracts hold up against genetic hair loss? It is possible that Troy and Kit could find themselves in breach of contract if they developed noticeable signs of male hair loss.

Actors, and many other men, who are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness often choose to take proactive steps in protecting their appearance. Personalised courses of clinically-proven male hair loss treatment combined with appropriate hair growth boosters - to prevent shedding or receding, and to promote regrowth for any hair that may have been thinning, are one way to tackle hair loss before anyone else notices.

This early action provides men with a good chance of seeing a positive level of regrowth within the three-to-six months of consistent use, although we can't promise you'll end up looking like Jon Snow!

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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