Kim Kardashian’s Will Underscores Value of Hair to Self-Esteem

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West has explained how important her hair is to her self-esteem.

This opinion is shared by many people - both men and women - which may explain why hair loss can be a particularly fraught process for those experiencing it.

Hair and make-up clause

In a video posted on Elle Magazine's Youtube channel, the 37 year old re-phrases some headlines which have been written about her to make them more honest.

However, she admitted the headline to one article, which read 'Fear Not, Kim Kardashian's Hair Will Always Be Done, Per Her Will', was true:

“Absolutely... I made a section that if I am so out of it that I can’t even communicate... I definitely need my hair, my make-up and my nails done. I want to look as good as possible”. Continues below...

Kim's hair loss history

Whilst headline-generating hair obviously plays a key role in her image, this quote shows that it is also extremely valuable to Kardashian West on a personal level. This theory is further backed by her endorsement of various haircare brands and regular 'hair hacks' app content. However, another reason the mum of two may be so particular about her hair is because she is believed to have previously experienced various hair loss conditions.

After the birth of her first child - North West - in 2013, Kim Kardashian West was said to have experienced Postpartum Alopecia. This is a common, temporary condition which occurs due to hormonal fluctuations following pregnancy. The extra hair that is hoarded by the body whilst a woman is pregnant then starts to shed around two to four months after giving birth, and causes hair fall diffusely from all over the scalp .

In 2014 a source reported to The Enquirer, "Kim's so stressed, her hair is falling out", when referencing her apparent struggles at balancing her marriage to Kanye West with her career - this may may suggest she had another temporary hairloss condition called Telogen Effluvium.

This also presents around three months from its trigger - usually extreme stress or an underlying health issue - and tends to last up to six months. When hair continues to shed after this period it may indicate Chronic Telogen Effluvium. Whilst a common issue and not generally anything to worry about, these can provoke early-onset Female Pattern Hair Loss in genetically-predisposed women, or exacerbate the rate of shedding where it is already present; family matriarch Kris Jenner is believed to have this hereditary condition.

The eldest Kardashian sister has been photographed showing signs of Traction Alopecia, which is generally caused by tight hairstyles and hair extensions, both of which the entrepreneur has regularly experimented with.

While the condition is fully preventable, in severe cases it can cause permanent baldness. Out of concern for her hair, Kardashian explained she was renouncing hair extensions in 2014. However, she later admitted to still wearing tape-in extensions which are not recommended by hair loss experts.

Lastly, the natural brunette regularly experiments with colourful hairstyles, from peroxide blonde to pink. The bleach involved can cause hair to become dry and brittle, putting her at risk of hair breakage.

Belgravia Centre Womens hair loss treatment alopecia areata traction alopecia female pattern baldness hair growth supplementsThe importance of hair

While Kardashian West's comments to Elle were light-hearted, research continues to reveal the impact of hair when making a first impression, as well as its wider effect on a woman's self-esteem.

Reports regularly show how much women fret about losing their hair; data compiled by Vision Critical Research revealed 78 per cent of women worry about being affected by thinning hair.

While the subject of hairloss has become less taboo for men in recent years, it still remains an awkward topic for many women. This is despite the fact that rates of women's hair loss continue to rise, which has also corresponded with an increase in women seeking hair loss treatments.

Belgravia, hair loss specialists will be able to diagnose any conditions present during an online or in-clinic consultation. From there, a tailored treatment plan can be recommended, featuring appropriate formulations of a clinically-proven topical solution, often with a range of supporting products and therapies to ensure every base is being covered. These include Hair Vitalics for Women - Belgravia's exclusive premium food supplement for healthy hair growth, containing selenium, biotin, zinc and a range of other key nutrients - for those wanting to follow in Kardashian's supplement-loving footsteps.

This holistic approach also includes on-going support and monitoring from a dedicated advisor, something which many clients find incredibly beneficial. As Female Pattern Hair Loss Treatment client, Sejal says, "This centre have provided an excellent, supporting service, which I am very grateful for".

Anyone worried about persistent hair fall or unusual patterns of shedding should be aware that there is help available for which getting a professional diagnosis, is a fantastic, pro-active first step.

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